Why We Switched to CoSchedule For Our Marketing Calendar

Content Marketing Requires A Strategy. Seeing all of your marketing efforts on a single page makes planning an editorial calendar easier

Content Marketing Requires A Strategy. Seeing all of your marketing efforts on a single page makes planning an editorial calendar easier

CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial calendar that provides an extraordinary solution for content creation and planning because of its drag and drop calendar, assignment of writing and editorial tasks to team members and the ability to schedule social messages to post when you publish your blog. CoSchedule will be the cornerstone of our content creation as we update our software to and strive for a better, more streamlined automated marketing process.

For our agency, the key to successful content marketing has a visual calendar that allows you to see what needs to be written and when it will be or was published for the entirety of a campaign. We write a lot of blogs for both our firm and our clients. Sharing those blogs on social media at various times on a diverse set of platforms maximizes the benefit of that blog. Simply put, the more it is shared, the more it is seen, the more it is seen, the more likely we are to attract a customer or be given a link back. Linking back to that blog in email marketing is also important and if your agency or built environment firm is like mine you have multiple target personas to keep track of. We have tried combining tools like Excel, Dropbox, and Trello but they never quite worked for our content creation lifecycle. This is because I'm a person who prefers to see visual representations on a single platform so that I understand the situation quickly. (Former fine arts professor, architectural photographer and visual marketing expert) To solve this problem, Means-of-Production, at one point, had a 24-foot cork board set up with three sets of wires and hundreds of binder clips that ran the length of a room. We used this board to manage content workflows and publishing of blogs, newsletters, whitepapers and social media. This old school method provided the visual prompts needed to stay on track, but it did not allow for task management, the actual publishing or seeing engagement results. For the above reasons, we are now using CoSchedule for our firm and our built environment clients content management needs. The following are the features that influenced our choice to use CoSchedule at our agency.

See Your Marketing Plan

Being able to see all of our content marketing efforts in one location is what makes CoSchedule a valuable tool. Blogs and social media posts of infographics, photographs, and your premium content landing pages can be seen and scheduled within the drag-and-drop calendar. We like to republish blogs each month as part of our 5-3-2 content allocation made popular by T. A. McCann. The following is our take

  • Five shares of relevant non-competing content from others
  • Three posts of relevant educational or promotional content our audience (and not directly selling your products)
  • Two personal posts that humanize my clients and me and bring personality to our streams. I often talk about travel and wine as an example

Publish Social Posts and Blog Articles at the Same Time

CoSchedule is designed to enable the creation of social media messages when you write your blog. When a blog article published, your article is posted on social media channels. The post can then be rescheduled at ongoing intervals on social channels. Continuous posting - as opposed to one and done - will encourage link backs and increased traffic to your blog just because it will be seen more often. Social media posts are viewed in the editorial calendar and can be rescheduled to keep a constant flow of visitors returning to your post well into the future. Even evergreen content like blogs needs consistent promotion to ensure it's read.

Social media analytics such as total shares, likes and comments are updated in real time so that you can know the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Our Opinion of CoSchedule in a Nutshell

We love that CoSchedule provides a single location for our content planning, management, and publishing. It's a tool that will save time, increase productivity, and enable us to reach each of our clients segmented audiences often and with relevant messaging.

About Michael Conway and Means-of-Production

My firm builds Squarespace websites, Houzz profiles, and content marketing and advertising solutions for architects, interior designers, design-build contractors and landscape design firms. Our all-in-one tactics attract the right clients with exceptional architectural photography and brand messaging that sets you apart from the competition. Contact me for a free-of-charge consultation and marketing review. It takes about 40 minutes and you'll be provided a list of actionable improvements designed to solve your specific marketing problems. 

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