Using Clicky Analytics On Your Squarespace Website

Using Clicky Analytics on a Squarespace

Using Analytics to Better Develop Your Website and Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of taking a digital approach to your marketing is the ability to track and understand your visitors using data analytics. With analytics, you can keep track of who is visiting your website, where they came from, how long they stayed, and the content with which they engaged on your Squarespace website.

Squarespace has built-in analytics capability that is a good option for keeping track of basic data like page hits, bounce rate, and more. However, to truly dig into the numbers, using an app like Clicky can give you a much deeper look at your visitors and data.

Clicky is a web analytics tool that can help you to track everything about the traffic to your Squarespace website. It's an excellent real-time analytics tool as well. Clicky analytics gives you a detailed report on each segment of your visitors in detail. It's the perfect tool for understanding what is working on your website and where you need improvement.

Let's take a look at Clicky and how you can use it on your Squarespace website to help you better target and refine your message to more effectively reach your target audience.

Analyzing Your Traffic with Clicky Analytics

Clicky gives you the ability to analyze every visitor to your website who completes a specific goal or action. With Clicky analytics you'll know every individual on your website in real-time.

Various metrics can be quickly and easily analyzed. The UI starts with the Dashboard which gives you a real-time overview of your visitors behavior. You can see various metrics such as visitor searches, Twitter, locations, content engaged with, traffic and more.

The Visitor Log is where you can find a summary of each visitor. The information includes time of visit, location, time spent on the site, the source of the traffic and more. The dashboard includes various other headings including:

  • Action Log - This is where you can find information like user location (with a google map pin), IP address, browser platform and more.

  • Engagement - This shows you the number of actions each user performed including page views and clicks.

  • More Active Visitors - Based on the number of actions taken you can see the IP addresses of the most active visitors to your site.

  • Traffic Sources -All visitors can be tracked based on where they came from – advertising, direct, social media, links etc.

Understanding who is visiting your website and where they originate can help you to better target to marketing outreach. For example, if your visitors are responding to a particular PPC ad you can adjust your budget to take advantage of this marketing area. If your visitors are responding to social media posts directing them to your blog pages, you can work to create content that is targeted to meet their interests.

Using Analytics to Gauge Your Content's Effectiveness

Clicky analytics also gives you the ability to delve into your content in more depth. It tracks the performance of individual web pages and allows you to better understand what content is working, and where you may need to adjust your approach. You can review content performance using the following sections:

  • Pages - This tracks the number of pages each user visited and the action they took on the page – links clicked, CTAs etc.

  • Entrance - Gives the details for each individual landing page.

  • Exit - Give you the details of the page and point in time that a user clicked away from your website.

  • Downloads - Track all downloads from your web pages and landing pages.

  • Events - This section tracks clicks, shares and more.

  • Media - This tracks the performance of audio, video and other media uploaded in the web page.

    Understanding the numbers behind your content can help you to better refine your messaging to meet the needs of your customers. By tracking engagement with your Squarespace website pages you can gain a better understanding of what is resonating with your visitors and can better target future content to meet their needs.

Other Benefits Clicky Analytics Provides

Along with general traffic information and content effectiveness, Clicky can help you to set goals and track campaigns. Tracking goals can give you insight into conversions. By tracking data such as completed goals (CTAs engaged with, links clicked etc) you can understand how visitors interact with your site and their path to conversion. By measuring performance you can then adjust your approach to improve your conversion process.

With Clicky you can also track the details of various promotional and advertising campaigns to better gauge their effectiveness. By having an understanding of what is working and what isn't, you can adjust your marketing strategy to take advantage of the channels that are delivering traffic and conversions.

Another great feature is Twitter Analytics. Clicky can track, monitor and summarize conversations about your Squarespace website or other topics, like product mentions, to give you a gauge of social proof. This can be helpful for brand development and authority in the marketplace. You can set alerts via your desktop, email notifications or even on your mobile device to alert you to any changes, or mentions of your business, product or service.

Understanding the numbers behind your website is the main advantage of digital marketing. While Squarespace analytics is a viable way to track the details behind your site, Clicky gives you a much deeper understanding of your data.

Mobile access, email notifications, and regular reports can give you an up to the minute understanding of your site's performance. By gaining insight into the actions visitors take when on your website, you can better design your marketing strategy, direct assets to the channels that are delivering, and refine your message to better meet the needs of your customers, visitors, and prospects.

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