Squarespace Website Training & Marketing Consultation

Expert Advice On Designing and Building a Squarespace Website With Content Marketing Features

We help clients design Squarespace websites and build marketing campaigns every day. If you are looking for assistance with keyword suggestions, Marketing automation, choosing a Squarespace template or if you just want to know the best lobster bisque for a client meeting on Cape Cod. There are times when you want to do it yourself and just need another opinion, and there are situations where you need someone to show you step-by-step how to implement the current best practices for attracting new clients. Either way, we're here for you.

Why Means-of-Production?

My qualifications include twelve years in web design and development, marketing and advertising, plus an additional twelve as a commercial architectural photographer. I understand the whole process. We have been writing search engine optimized copy, editing images for the web, devising inbound marketing strategies, creating broadcast, print and online advertising campaigns and designing portfolio based websites for years.

What makes our consulting services unique is my additional twelve years of experience teaching. (The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, University of Massachusetts, New Hampshire Institute of Art and Maine Media Workshops) This experience means you'll be asked specific questions about your goals and I will provide clear, concise instructions, an explanation for the approach taken, a detailed plan for further action and follow-up materials after the call. My approach is much like you would find in a classroom experience resulting in an ability, if you choose, to manage your site moving forward.

No Retainer Pricing

I feel that to often marketing retainers favor the consultant. They are often unnecessary, ineffective and costly for small businesses. Often, a half-hour conversation and screen share is all that's needed to solve a problem. We do work with some clients on a scheduled weekly or monthly basis for those who want to keep up with the never ending changes in content marketing and Squarespace website building. Scheduled ongoing calls ensure you keep your lead generation on track and to keep you informed of current best practices. Rather than paying a retainer, these calls ensure collaboration and you’ll always know what your marketing budget is being allocated to and that it’s spent wisely.

Communication That Gets The Message Across

I take pride in our communication abilities and use methods beyond email to demonstrate best practices and to keep you informed on the progress being made on your projects. I often send screen shots or brief videos to show you exactly how to accomplish a goal or to explain a complex topic. I use Zoom screen share software to demonstrate more complex procedures and video record the event so that you can refer back to our conversation after the call.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Try us out. The first call is free. For ongoing advice, we charge a flat fee of $110 an hour for website design and marketing consultation. We use time tracking and invoice you based on the time we spent together on the call. Make payment with major credit cards, PayPal or good old checks. Schedule your first meeting to discuss your goals.

Consultation Pricing $110 per hour

Michael was an invaluable coach who helped me build my first website using Squarespace. He brought me many creative ideas, practical suggestions and deep knowledge of web design and the Squarespace platform. I would highly recommend him and would definitely use him again.
— James Warner, Abel's Hill Association, Chilmark, MA

Done-For-You Marketing and Website Design

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