The Squarespace Website Builder

A Squarespace Website Is A Better Website, Here's Why

If you want to attract better clients, you need a website that's exquisitely beautiful, takes seconds to update, seamlessly integrates with all of your marketing systems, and has robust analytics. This is why my firm only uses Squarespace to build websites. The Squarespace website builder and content management system is the best system available today for small and medium-sized businesses. Why?

  • Aesthetically Beautiful - Squarespace websites are visually stunning with an understated elegance.

  • Template Options - You have just under one-hundred templates available to use as a starting point.

  • Greater Customization - Infinitely customizable page layouts with resizeable, repositionable content blocks.

  • Portfolio Pages - Dozens of image and gallery presentation options for project portfolios.

  • Marketing Automation - Built-in call-to-actions, landing pages, and email marketing integration.

  • Website Analytics - Accurate, easy to understand website analytics tied to directly Google Search Console.

  • Smarter Design - One-click login without the need to remember passwords is just one example.

  • Hardened Against Hacking - A secure walled garden system unaffected by malware and resistant to hacking.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Built-in SEO tools like tagging, XML sitemap, canonical structure, and more.

  • User Experience - Index pages and summary blocks are just two of many UX/UI options

  • Nimble CMS - Update your website in seconds and see exactly what the page will look like on every device.

What About Weebly, Wix or WordPress?

Means-of-Production switched from that other system to Squarespace six years ago when malware became a pervasive and serious problem. This years brings a big change for WordPress. They are launching Gutenberg. It is drag and drop block based system exactly like Squarespace only fourteen years later. WordPress developers are already upset with the bugs, oversights and difficulty using the system.

We keep trying Weebly and Wix, you know, the other "do it yourself" website builders, and they always come up short. When it comes to website builders it is the same old story, Cheap/Fast/Good - choose two. These other two “W” systems have cheap and fast down, but good seems to be elusive.

We’re sticking with Squarespace and you should too.

When it comes to implementing business functionality like search engine optimization, blogging tools, lead capture, page duplication, and most of all, design, Squarespace surpasses all other competing website builders. It is an amazingly efficient website builder and Squarespace's commitment to the needs of small businesses is unsurpassed.

A Deeper Dive Into The Features and Benefits of Squarespace Websites

Beautifully Designed for Brand Consistency

A logo is important but a brand is more than a logo. It's the visual representation of your firm. The key to successful branding is to consistently use the same design elements– color, font, graphic design, voice, and images with similar syntax in all of your marketing. You want to impress a prospect and make sure your firm's identity is remembered. The Squarespace website Style Editor is designed to keep your brand looking its best by ensuring there is no incompatibility in your online presence.

Infinitely Customizable Page Layout

With Squarespace, you're never stuck having to conform your content to a rigid template format. With a grid-based layout that uses up to twelve columns and spacers, every page on your website can look different. Unlike most website builders, with Squarespace, you can find for design inspiration from visually engaging magazines and mirror the layout using mobile-ready, responsive design. Squarespace is template based, but the approach is different. The templates are a starting point for big ideas, like Escoffier's five French mother sauces.

Galleries That Augment The Work You Do

It's hard to stand out from the crowd if your portfolio uses the same old format as everyone else. With a variety of galleries to choose from and custom design features built-in, you don't have to restrict how prospects view your work. Want to add a video portfolio? Not a problem. Want large, beautiful, screen width photographs? We've got you covered. Need someone to edit your photography for you so that all of your images look they're very best? With decades of experience, we can do that too.

Time Saving Automated Security

There are over half a million malware attacks on WordPress websites each day. Rebuilding your website after your hosting company has pulled it for malware is expensive. Squarespace has eliminated the time-consuming task of updating your site against malicious attacks. They do it for you. And if you ever have an issue, with your website, you can contact Squarespace customer service 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Metrics That Track Your Success

Squarespace websites come with dashboard analytics built-in that allows you to track how people found your site and what they did when they arrived. With a click of the button, your Squarespace website connects to Google Search Console.

Clicky Analytics - Adding visitor identification and behavioral based tracking to accurately know who comes to your website, what pages they entered the site on, how long they stayed and what pages they exited the site on through the addition of Clicky Analytics software. Have you ever wonder if your blog or SEO efforts are attracting visitors? Is your site driving sales? Clicky also allows you to set goals for landing pages and view that titles of the pages that are attracting the most visits. Gather data, monitor conversions, see the actions readers take and you'll know if your website is converting visitors to leads and leads to sales.

Blogging, Social And Email Marketing Ready

True lead generation websites are more than a showcase of your work. They help you attract, convert and nurture a prospect. Squarespace websites have built-in landing pages and a form builder. They integrate seamlessly with MailChimp's email service, Zapier's easy API tools, and Google Drive. Squarespace websites also have an excellent blogging platform that pushes published articles out to your social media platforms automatically. This means you'll have thousands of ways to stay in touch with clients and attract new prospects, get found online line with built-in search engine optimization tools and blog pages.

I’m constantly looking at other websites to get inspiration for the next iteration of Design Milk and to spot new trends in site design. What I didn’t know was that most of the sites that I really love are, in fact, not designed from scratch, but use web-based software like Squarespace.
— Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk