We Use MissingLettr To Post On Social Media Platforms

Social Media Is More Than Pictures of What You Had For Lunch

Social media can increase the number of visitors to your website. In some ways, social media marketing is similar to radio advertising in the 1940's. Twitter, as an example, is about many brief messages that repeat an idea until it reaches a "saturation point." Other social media platforms, like Houzz, and Pinterest are more like a 1940’s Life magazine. They’re all about photography and illustrations and are the best way to market your firm visually.  LinkedIn is conversational and transforms one-way communication such as used in traditional advertising into a dialogue where the recipient of your message can then forward the information to thousands of other interested people. Social media provides marketing through the sharing of ideas and builds upon these promotional exchanges by developing relationships. It is the best way to promote your blog and "knowledge that attracts" such as guides and presentations.

About MissingLettr

We use the social media software MissingLettr to schedule blog posts on your firm's behalf. Missinglettr allows us to create and publish your blog articles as social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. We will craft a strategy that includes posting your blog articles and website landing pages and videos.

Automated Social Media Campaigns

Get a year's worth of social content, and branded images for each blog post you publish saves time and money. Here’s how MissingLettr works,

MissingLettr analyzes your blog posts and creates unique social content by pulling lines of text from your articles. The system automatically creates branded images eliminating the need for manual design tasks or resizing for each platform. Your posts are then placed in a campaign dashboard for review and editing. Once approved, social media content is trickled out over a year or more increasing the value of every blog article you publish. All of your social posts are kept in an editable calendar so that you can make content changes, pause or reschedule a social post at any time. Your social media dashboard provides information on the number of campaigns your running and how many clicks your articles are generating.

Blog To Social Posting Services

MissingLettr automates the social posting of blog articles repeatedly over a year on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium. The software creates a scheduled queue of each blog article you post. It reduces the time needed to post blogs and consequently the cost of the service. Sharing your firm's blog articles on social media is the best way to promote your firm, convey your professionalism and drive prospects back to your website.

Webpage to Social Posting Services

Publishing webpages, project portfolios and landing pages on social media posts increases visitors to your website and encourages sharing of your sites content. MissingLettr connects to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Medium. Repeatedly sharing the work you do and the services you offer is the best way to supplement social media blog posting. MissingLettr automation efficiently reduces the time and consequently the cost of posting.

I’m absolutely delighted with the user interface and clever on-boarding. The app is intuitive, yet powerful and extremely useful. It’s helped me save significant time and brought great value to my small business.
— A Review Of MissingLettr On Capterra

Social Media Posting Pricing

Social Media Posting is a service we offer to our blog writing clients.

✫ MissingLettr Set Up Pricing - A one time cost of $210

What’s Included in Set Up

  • Create a set of four templates for your campaigns

  • Connect your websites blog RSS feed

  • Connect your social media platforms

  • Calibrate the system so that it’s choosing the best lines of text from your articles

  • Enable the url shortener

  • Create a set of hashtags for each post

✫ MissingLettr Social Posting Management - $330 Monthly

What’s Included in Posting

  • Up to 6 campaigns or 72 posts created monthly

  • Review each campaign for keywords and hashtags

  • Choose from the image options for each post

  • Edit content so every Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Google+ post is unique

  • Post relevant articles on Medium

Sharing your firm's blog articles is the best way to demonstrate your professionalism and drive prospects back to your website. Contact us to learn more about this unique system.