Optimize Your Houzz Project pages for Qualified Leads

Using Houzz for Lead Generation

With 46 Million unique visitors monthly, Houzz is where your prospects go to see images and conduct research on the services you offer. It's one of the best opportunities you have to attract prospective clients, demonstrate your value and drive them back to your website. Houzz is the largest residential home improvement database in the world.  Ninety percent of Houzz users are homeowners seeking information on how to undertake home improvement projects. Unfortunately, most built environment companies on Houzz are using it wrong. Here's where improvements can be made.

Solving the problem of incomplete profiles and projects, duplicate descriptions and searchable titles, and minimal or high competition keywords.

It's common to see Houzz profiles with only two or three projects. Project portfolios often contain just a few average photographs, brief descriptions, and keywords that are ineffective or the same as competitors. Profile pages frequently lack reviews and links often go to a website homepage as opposed to a website landing page. In some cases, the location of the project is never mentioned. If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, don't despair, Houzz can easily be turned into a lead generating machine.

A great Houzz profile page and project portfolio will attract clients and we can build it for you. Our Houzz profiles are designed to get visitors back to a website landing page where you can capture contact information and continue to market to them. Here's what we do;

Michael is full of knowledge, technically savvy, down to earth, and approachable. We were surprised and delighted when he agreed to take on our project. michael methodically pulled it all together; coordinating both development of our logo and website. Thanks to Michael we have a sweet site that will grow with us.
— Mary Maloney - Bee's Knees Interior Design

Profile Page Updates and Management

We will write a complete description of your firm for your profile page that includes keywords you want to be found by, a logo, links to your website and contact information. We will upload a banner image as well as a portrait or logo image that has been adjusted in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop for size, color, contrast and saturation.

Project Portfolio Updates and Management

We create project portfolios that contain 8-12 photographs each.  We run every photo through Adobe Lightroom image editing software to ensure they are properly sized and that each portfolio has a consistent look and feel. To maximize your visibility in "Find a Pro" search results and Photo Stream views, we do not use the standard Houzz settings when uploading images. Instead, each photograph gets its own specific title, description, and keywords. Because keywords play such an important role in getting your pages found in search results, we research and add keywords in three available areas. They include the title of each image, the description of each image and Houzz keyword area for listing image specific keywords. Our service also includes writing a full description of the project, writing custom descriptions for each image, selecting all appropriate image presets and add the maximum number of keywords allowed by Houzz in the designated keyword section.

Signing up for Houzz is a bit like learning to drive a car. Anyone can do it, but it takes practice and expertise acquired over time to avoid mistakes and maximize the benefits. If you already use Houzz, we can improve the results by optimizing your profile and project portfolios for you. Schedule a call if you want to discuss using Houzz business goals. We can help your firm attract better clients and more of them.

Houzz Profiles And Project Page Pricing

When posting on Houzz, online project portfolios require keyword-rich titles and descriptions for each image as well as tags, locations and more. without these important elements your project pages will never be found by prospects searching for your services. Houzz is less than a social media platform and more of a large visual database–and lately a shopping platform.

The uniqueness of Houzz and the effort required to build a project page correctly is why we price our Houzz services differently than our social media posting service. It is so reliant on search engine optimization that our approach is similar to writing a custom blog article.

✫ Houzz profile Page Setup $220

✫ Pricing For Posting Projects On Houzz is $330 per project with up to twelve images