Creating a Careers Webpage on Squarespace That Attracts Candidates

Building a Careers Webpage on Squarespace

Using A Squarespace Blog For Your Website Careers Section

One of the many benefits of having a Squarespace website is being able to recruit talent on your site. By adapting a blog section to use as a job listing tool, you can use your site to not only inform visitors about what you do, but you can use it as a recruiting tool that's live 24/7/365 and viewable worldwide.

Using Squarespace blog as a job listing tool is a little unconventional, but blog pages can be easily adapted to this task. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a fully-featured job engine, it does what it needs to do, and with a little creative thinking, your Squarespace website can be easily used as a Careers webpage that will attract highly-qualified candidates directly to your site.

Building a Careers Webpage 

Squarespace is template based, website builder that makes blogging and building pages easier. It's a fully-functional platform with incredible functionality that allows you to create web pages, photo or video galleries, landing pages, blog pages and more.

A Squarespace blog can contain information or posts that need to be presented chronologically, and/or categorized. This includes news, recipes, properties, events, or job postings.

Designing A Careers Webpage

To get an idea of some of the functionality of using Squarespace blog pages as a recruiting tool, let's take a look at how Squarespace created a campaign to grow their own workforce. In 2014, Squarespace had 200 employees on staff and was seeking to double its workforce in an especially competitive job market. Hiring great engineers is difficult enough when you're competing with established software companies with huge teams of sourcers and recruiters. Squarespace's technical recruiting team was only three people strong.

Learn From The Best: How Squarespace Does It

Here are some takeaways from Squarespace's recruiting campaign and tips on how to approach your own.

• Align Your Career Webpage with your Company's Story

Your company has a story and your recruiting campaigns should align with your story. Top-notch recruiting campaigns should highlight your corporate culture, team members, convey humor, and define your corporate philosophy. Typically, A blog page is the content marketing engine that drives visitors to a website. Publishing articles on your “blog” careers section using the list of campaign topics above will help these pages get found in search engines. They will also grow a more general audience that are attracted to your story. When your career blogs are written well, they will attract website visitors who admire your brand resulting in a captive audience that includes job seekers.

The Squarespace career section highlights their roots in SOHO in New York. They encourage their candidates to experience all the culture New York City offers. Instead of a flight and interview and a flight home, they invite hires to spend a long weekend in the city, complete with a stay in a great hotel and Squarespace curated events. Afterall, the job is only one of the decisions a career candidate is mulling over during the recruitment process. Lifestyle, cost of living, friendships, and more all play a role in landing top candidates during the decision making process.

• Use a “Remarkable, Inspirational” Message

Marketing genius Seth Godin says that many organizations have great ideas. If you can get your idea to spread, you win. Hiring is the same. Talent hunting through search engine optimization is limited by the number of pages on your website, the keywords your using, the content your publishing, and experience. The size of your company doesn't have to hold you back. Even a small company can get the word out with constant publishing. Your campaign needs to grab the attention of talent outside of your immediate network, town, state, or even country.

Along with providing candidates with a long weekend to experience New York, Squarespace invites the spouse, partner or significant other to tag along. It is a brilliant strategy. They understand that their candidates don't make important decisions alone. By inviting along family members, they're acknowledging their understanding of work-life balance. A big differentiator from the competition.

• Scaling Your Campaign

If you find that Squarespace is not able to handle the influx of applicants, consider using an applicant tracking system and online forms to boost effectiveness of your results and allow for better prospecting. You can also consider including an online testing component to assess skills at the front end of the process.

If you're adding email marketing, or social components to your prospecting, consider creating a landing page using a Squarespace cover page. You can include a form on the page for candidates to submit information directly on your website.

Components to Include On Your Careers Webpage

Because you're using a blog page on Squarespace as a recruiting tool, you have the flexibility to include a number of elements on the page. Along with text, a blog page can support video, audio, images, text, forms, and more.

Squarespace's career page includes a “Meet Squarespace” video where potential hires can hear from current employees about the corporate culture, philosophy, and perks of working at Squarespace. They also use beautiful images showing the office break room and other amenities.

The text explains how the “take care” of team members including perks and benefits you'll enjoy. You can include information on benefits like your company 401K plan, health care, and vacation policies. Anything that differentiates you from your competition.

Your recruiting page is also the perfect place to outline your corporate philosophy, meetings policies and more. Squarespace includes sections on their work/life balance philosophy, perks and benefits, and more.

Basically, creating a Squarespace blog page to recruit talent offers you the flexibility to add a branded careers webpage to your website that allows your visitors to learn more about who you are, what you do, and why they should want to work for your company. Give your potential new team members all the information they need to make an informed decision with a career webpage on your company's Squarespace website.

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