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How to build a Squarespace landing page

Build A Squarespace Landing Page Without Navigation

A Squarespace landing page is a vital component of your website for any lead generating strategy. A landing page is a page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking a call to action link on your blog or a PPC campaign link. It is explicitly designed to prompt the visitor to act on a particular offer for premium content, in return for their email address or contact information. Landing pages can provide your visitors with a quality experience as well as drive engagement with a targeted message that addresses their particular needs or pain points. 

So what constitutes a great landing page and how can you create them on the Squarespace website builder? A great landing page will engage your readers and drive them to take action. Let's look at how to create a great Squarespace landing page and how you can use best practices to generate high conversion rates and qualified leads.

Before Building Your Squarespace Landing Page

Pre-planning is the first step to creating a useful landing page. Answering a few key questions before you start building your landing page can help you to develop your ideas and target your message more effectively. 

What are your specific goals?

Start by first defining your goals. What action do you want visitors to take when they reach your landing page? Do you want them to make a purchase, fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, or download premium content like an ebook or whitepaper? You need to first define conversions before you can track them. Set some goals and identify the actions you want your visitors to take.

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Who is your competition?

Knowing exactly who your competition is will allow you to create a targeted marketing strategy. How are they succeeding and what steps can you take to mirror their success? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If your competitor's efforts are working, figure out their success and mimic them to create your own.

Who is your target audience?

Understanding your target audience is a key to success. How can you meet their needs and address their pain points? What makes your product or service special regarding their needs? The better you know your target market and understand their needs the better you can address them, convert the lead and make the sale. The better you know the users of your product or service, the easier it will be to write copy that will get them to take action.

How Will they find your landing page?

Knowing your audience means knowing where they get their information. Tailor your message to fit the channel. A/B testing is an effective way to hone your approach. What works on Facebook, might not work on LinkedIn even if the premium item is the same. Businesses with more landing pages (30+) generate 7x more leads than those with fewer. Tailor your message to fit not only your audience but the channel you are using to deliver your message.

Creating A Squarespace Landing Page Using a Regular Page

Once you've answered these questions and developed your approach, it's time to build your Squarespace landing page. Regular Squarespace pages offer you the ability to create simple landing pages with one or two calls to action (More on this in a bit). Regular pages are standard pages on Squarespace and include a header, menu bar and announcement bar within the page. Do not confuse them with cover pages which also make excellent landing pages.

Click Here to Create a Cover Page Landing Page

Customizing your Squarespace page to create a standard landing page is a relatively simple process. First, you need to remove the header, menu bar and announcement bar from your existing cover page. Here are the steps: (please note, the coding may work slightly different depending on your Squarespace template. If you are having problems, visit the Squarespace help forums or contact me.)

Step One - Find Your Page ID 

To isolate your page, you need to find the page ID. On the page you want to customize, right click view source > command F (on a mac) to search for your page name. About a third of the way down the page, you will find the name and ID. Once you have the ID number, set it aside.

Step Two - Customize the CSS

This is the code you need to remove the menu bar and header image/logo. Using a text editor or Word document, type in the following code:

1. .collection- your page id number #header{ display: none;}
2.  #header-controls {display:none;}
3. Insert this code into your site: Design> Custom CSS > Insert Code
4. Then save and refresh your page.

Step Three - Remove the Announcement Bar

This is easier than removing the header. Open the actual page you are working on, and you are going to “inject” code in the page's advanced settings.

1.    Go to Page Content > Setting> Advanced> Page Header Code Injection
2.    Add the following code:

    {display: none !important}

3.    Save and refresh your page

And that's it! You now have a clean landing page. Add any text, images, and calls-to-action, right inside your Squarespace dashboard.

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Creating Squarespace Landing Pages That Convert

To create a landing page that is a high-converter follow these best practices. You need to design your message to appeal to your target market, so make sure you understand your customer's mindset when designing your pages. Here are a few tips to creating persuasive landing pages:

The Attributes of A Great Landing Page:

Squarespace landing pages should be short and uncluttered. Offer all the information your visitor needs to decide to take action. Keep your pages to one or two calls-to-action. A single offer is best. Too much information or too many choices can confuse a visitor, and if it's too complicated, they're gone, and they won't come back!

Give the people what they want! Provide high-quality, premium content that inspires trust and confidence. Provide useful information that meets readers immediate needs and address their pain points. Keep it relevant! Well written informative content inspires trust!

Watch the traffic patterns! A great landing page keeps track of where visitors are coming and leaving from. Keep careful tracks of the paths leading to and from your page. Make sure to limit exit points. The goal is to direct visitors through your lead funnel, and any hyperlinks serve as page departure points keep them to a minimum!

Make conversion easy. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to convert. Provide as few barriers as possible and make each step in your process evident and easy to follow. If it's a form, make it an attractive piece of eye candy and only request the information you need to continue making contact (first name and email). If it's a download, make sure your visitor can find the download button!

Have a tight design. Make sure your page design is crisp, clear and answers all your visitor's questions. Make navigation obvious and simple, provide all the required information and if possible have your conversion process be a single click!

Have eye-catching headlines, engaging copy and a clear call to action.  Take time to create elements that will engage with visitors. An eye-catching and relevant headline will generate interest, get them to take action and read your content. Keep your copy focused, short, to the point and engaging. Remember it's all about your visitor, not you. Address their pain points and their needs. Make your copy feel personal and conversational. Finally, make your call to action strong and highly visible. Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do (click here, or download your free guide) in a big bold text.

Have a high-quality premium offer! The easiest way to get a high-converting landing page is to have a great, valuable, informative offer. Make sure your offer is enticing, educational and something that your visitors want or need. Broadcast why your offer is great and watch the conversions come in!

Creating a Squarespace landing page on your site website will help generate qualified leads. Do your homework! Know your target market and where they search for information. Create a premium item that your customer's want that addresses their needs and pain points, and make it easy for visitors to enter your lead funnel. Keep your design fresh, non-cluttered and easy to act on and after they convert always include a thank you page! 

Today, many users will be accessing your site from a mobile device so make sure any landing pages you create are mobile ready (many Squarespace templates have built-in mobile compatibility). Landing pages should be a vital component of your content marketing strategy. Take the time to do it right, and you can turn your Squarespace website into a 24/7/365 lead generating machine.

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