Marketing Your Business Using a Pop-Up on a Squarespace Website

Marketing with Squarespace Website Pop-Ups

Why Use The Pop-Up Feature on Your Squarespace Website

You should use pop-ups because they work! Did you know that a simple pop-up tied to an offer can increase your email subscriber rate as much as 1375%? Should you add one ... Absolutely!

There are many benefits of developing and maintaining an email list for your business. Website pop-ups also have a variety of uses that can work to increase engagement and ultimately deliver you more customers.

The Many Challenges Businesses Face Online

It's often a problem that most business owners aren't even aware of, but driving traffic to your website can be challenging. Here are some statistics to consider that can explain the challenges you face.

• Just 0.25% of new visitors to the average website will become a client. Encouraging them to revisit your site increases that number by nine times!

• Of the visitors who initially leave your website without engaging, 75% intend to return later to either make a purchase or become a client.

• Using exit-intent pop-ups that appear when a user attempts to leave your site, can increase opt-ins and subscriptions by 600%

Using Squarespace Pop-ups

Pop-up boxes can be a bit confusing, but there are many ways you can use them to improve engagement. Here are some of the primary reasons to include pop-ups on your website and blog pages.

• Increase Your Social Media Following

Social media is a significant way to build your community, attract and retain customers, advertise your products and services and receive testimonials and reviews. Pop-ups can be used to engage with readers as they enter or leave your profile.

• Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Customers often have questions, and if they can't find the solution, they leave your site. If you understand your customer and your service you can give them the answers they need using pop-ups. Pop-up boxes can put useful information directly in front of customers, quickly! For example: “Scheule A Design Consultation” or “Free Countertops With A Kitchen Remodel In January.”

• Promote Free Premium Content

Everyone loves free valuable information. Adding value to the user experience, especially when it's free, can prompt your visitor to convert and provide their information. Once you have their contact information, send them a drip email campaign that speaks to the topic of the guide they downloaded. A lead capture form on a free guide pop-up creates multiple opportunities for engagement. 

• Conduct a Survey

People love to give you their opinion. Using a pop-up to deliver an engaging survey is a great way to learn more about your potential customer and is a low profile way to collect info for future use. A survey can be used when either entering or leaving a website. Request an email in exchange for the survey results to build your email contacts list.

• Build Your Email List

Like using a pop-up on social media, a pop up on your website can be a great conversion tool. Data shows that pop-up boxes are a useful tool for collecting email information and they don't increase bounce rate. Try using a pop-up as an email solicitation for a newsletter or drip campaign subscription opt-in. It's a proven approach that works.

Using Pop-Up Boxes on Squarespace

Squarespace offers promotional pop-ups for all current and new customers on the Business and Commerce plan. Whether you're looking to grow your email list, or promote a new product, Squarespace pop-ups are templated, and easily customizable overlays you can use to target visitors to your site.

When you enable a pop-up, a box will appear when a visitor scrolls down your page or stays for a predetermined amount of time. Squarespace allows you to not only customize your offer, you can also adjust the frequency and change when your visitor sees your offer during their user experience. Pop-ups can be set to appear after a certain amount of time on your site, specific scroll time or you can set it to appear on a particular page.

On Squarespace pop-ups default to the center of the screen, but like everything else on Squarespace you can customize placement based on your needs, On mobile, pop-ups automatically appear at the bottom of your website to comply with Google's guidelines about mobile accessibility.

Pop-ups are built right into the Squarespace platform. That means no additional coding or plugins are needed. Like every other element on the platform, pop-ups are completely customizable from the location on your page to the message you deliver. You can even customize the look and style of the overlays to fit seamlessly with the aesthetics of your design. Pop-ups are an efficient way to deliver a message to your visitors. Whether you're growing your mailing list, promoting an offer, of delivering valuable free content, using pop-ups on Squarespace is an easy process. They always look great and more importantly, pop-ups work!

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