Where To Buy Squarespace Plugins and Add Ons

Where To Buy Squarespace Plugins

Add Functionality and Design Flair to your Squarespace Website

Third-Party Plugins for Better Content Marketing

Out of the box, Squarespace is the most flexible platform for creating and hosting your business website. While it offers incredible functionality and flexibility in terms of what you can do on the platform, there are still some third-party plugins and add ons that can take your programming to the next level, save time, and help you to better use Squarespace for your content marketing needs.

These studios and developers offer a range of free and paid code plugins, widgets or snippets. Check them out to enhance your website and your user's experience.

Developers of Squarespace Plugins

This list of third-party developers have created various plugins, widgets, and snippets that can help enhance your Squarespace website. From practical time-saving hacks,and beautiful templates to code you can use to customize your design, these companies and developers offer free and paid add ons to help you better market your Squarespace content.

SQSP Themes 

These plugins are designed to help you save time, money and energy creating custom Squarespace tweaks. Some of their most popular solutions include:

• SideBar Plugin– to help you add a sidebar to your Squarespace website

• LightBox Plugin– create a lightbox pop-up from any text, button, or image link.

• Accordion Tabs Plugin– This is a dynamic plugin that works as a tabbed display, accordion display, or both.

• Inventory Indicator Plugin – Display the quantity left in stock for a selected variant. Enabled on the Product Page by default, or enable it in Products Page, Product Block, or Product Quick View.


They've been developing code snippets for Squarespace since 2015. Today they have over 128 plugins, custom templates, and a user base of over 10,000 Squarespace developers. They offer a monthly membership which gives you access to powerful features and design elements for your Squarespace website. They also have the most active community of Squarespace developers in the world.

The Custom Square

Develops Squarespace plugins, and custom code for design and function. Some of their offers include Slide Up Summary Cards which are a highly visual optional plugin that helps you to bring a smooth, sleek looking interactive element to your Squarespace website. Another excellent plugin is the Autoplay Carousel Summary Block which is a great plugin for attracting users to your blog, events, news, products and more.


With 11 Squarespace plugins that are powerful, easy to install, and look beautiful, they also offer fast user help and excellent support. From Social Tabs, to their Recent Comments Widget, SquareWebsites offers inexpensive plugins that can help you to take your website to the next level of functionality and provide your user's with an excellent experience.

Sound Focus

If you sell products on your Squarespace website, U.K. Based Sound Focus offers great “local currency” plugins. Visitors to your website will see your items priced in their local currency. This offers visitors clearer pricing and can increase conversions. Today, personalization is the key to increasing engagement with your website and posting clear, understandable pricing for products should be an important element of your site's design. SF's local currency plugin adds a dropdown menu to your site that enables potential customers to view products priced in their local currency.

Nick Scola

This young developer has been developing Squarespace plugins since 2007. His offerings include reasonable prices sleek style summary blocks and classic type animation plugin. These plugins can help you to further customize your website and are especially useful if your deal with visual data, for example, landscape or interior design, design build or architecture. He offers not only the plugin, but helpful, detailed videos to get you started, and unlimited personal tech support.

These are just a few sources for adding functionality and design features to your Squarespace website. While Squarespace is a great platform right out of the box, these developers offer products that can make small changes to your website that can have a big impact on your design and user experience.

At Means of Production, We're Squarespace Experts

We design and develop Squarespace websites for clients in the design-build, interior design, landscape design, and architectural space and we understand what our clients need in terms of both design and functionality. We use some of these plugins to help clients to stand out from the pack and give their website an impact that provides them with the results they're seeking.

If you'd like to learn more about Means of Production, or have Squarespace questions, drop us an email or give us a call. We're always happy to help show you all of the benefits that a Squarespace website offers your business!

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