Choosing The Best Squarespace Blog Template For Content Marketing

The Best Squarespace Templates For Blogs

Which Squarespace Blog Template Is Best Content Marketing

It's pretty clear by now that consistent blogging with long-tail keywords is the very best way to attract new clients to your website. Potential customers seeking information on residential architecture, new home trends, remodeling costs, and interior design begin their research with search engines. If you're building a new website including a blog component is important. 

Blogging can help you to develop your brand, let potential clients know your capabilities and expertise, and boost your website's SEO to help you get found online. 

Squarespace has a blogging component built into every template. If creating a blog is critical to your business development (and it is!) here are the top three Squarespace blog templates to meet your content marketing goals and objectives.

Defining Your Blogging Needs

While choosing the right template for your blog is important, the process needs to start by defining your needs. Defining your design needs will help you to narrow your search when it comes to choosing the best template. 

Consider how you'd like your blog posts displayed, navigation and the overall user experience when a visitor visits your website. Some Squarespace templates feature a customizable sidebar which can be used to highlight recent blog posts, while others offer a scrolling slideshow at the top of the page users can scroll through to find relevant blog posts. With all of the template options available, we've made it easy for you, at Means of Production, we're Squarespace experts and in our opinion, here are the three best templates for bloggers and writers who want to feature creative content. 

Why Brine is The Best Squarespace Blog Template

Brine is a favorite with Squarespace web designers. Both the Brine template and the entire Brine family offer high-quality design and plenty of flexibility and features. 

The templates in this family offer index pages with parallax scrolling which is a pretty cool and dramatic effect. Basically, it moves the background image slower than the text in the foreground. This gives your pages a feeling of depth. 

Brine’s index pages, enable flexible customization, and the template is an excellent choice for e-commerce applications. The blog page offers two different layout options: grid and list. Both are aesthetically pleasing. You can also highlight excerpts from your blogs and Brine allows you to be creative with share buttons, thanks to style section customizations.

Why Five is the Second Best Squarespace Blog Template

Five is another favorite template for Squarespace designers. It's popular because it has a little bit of everything! It features a nice looking blog feed, the ability to add a blog sidebar, and a great looking home page. 

Five sports a clean, modern aesthetic that gives your images and content the ability to truly stand out. It's an extremely flexible template that offers the designer plenty of customization options. Whether your blog is a secondary element of your website, or you just operate a blog, this template is flexible enough to support either option. 

If you love using sidebars in your design, look no farther than Five. Sidebars are all over the place, They exist on every single page (not many templates offer this option) and there are four different options to choose from. You can have no sidebar, one, two or even two split sidebars. If the sidebars aren't enough, this template allows you to easily customize your website by giving you a footer for a secondary navigation on each page.

Why Bedford is the Third Best Squarespace Blog Template

Many Squarespace designers choose the Bedford template for their business clients. It offers a more classic, simple design than Five, but still allows you to feature powerful imagery in the headers. Headers are also a great spot to feature posts on this template. Bedford also features bold buttons so you can create eye-catching CTAs. While it's often used for business websites, Bedford is a sleeper for blog designers. 

One of the best features the Bedford family of templates offers to bloggers is the ability to have a slideshow of featured posts on your blog page in the banner area. If you feature serialized content, or blog posts that you want to feature prominently, Bedford is a great choice. 

If you like using sidebars in your design, but don't need the flexibility of Five, Bedford allows you to feature different sidebar content on different pages. However, it does have one drawback, neither the headers or footers are customizable. 

If your brand is visual, and emotive, and you want clear call-to-action buttons in the top header, or you're focus is blogging and you want to feature specific posts, Make sure to check out the Bedford template.

A blog is an excellent way to develop and promote your brand. Creative, unique, keyword rich content will improve your SEO and help you to get found online. These three templates will ensure that when you are found, your users will experience a clean, intuitive, easy to navigate website and blog. 

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