Why Construction Firms Should Use Hatchbuck Marketing Tools

Hatchbuck Marketing Automation for Construction Firms

Hatchbuck Marketing Automation for Construction Firms

Hatchbuck is a content marketing tool that works extremely well for contractors, home remodelers, design-build firms and highly individualized residential building services. Since each construction project is unique to the individual buyer's needs and preferences, it makes sense that those buyers take a lot of time to research construction contractors, get to know them, ask a lot of questions and sit back for a while to compare their options. What's important is that your firm continues to maintain a line of open communication with potential buyers throughout their research and planning phases, nurturing them toward a favorable decision in the end. Hatchbuck gives you the ability to do this in an easy to use, automated and reliable way. 

Gathering Contact Information With Website Forms

Hatchbuck is a convenient way of gathering contact information from multiple resources and putting it all together into one comprehensive list for marketing purposes. Integrated with Squarespace and other industry leading tools through Zapier, it allows for importing of current contacts lists, create forms so that new visitors can subscribe to your emails, create segmented email lists based on demographic data and allow you to tag contacts for a customized view of your prospects interests. 

Buyer's Journey Triggers Allow for the Right Messaging

Hatchbuck allows you to create a series of email messages that walk the buyer through the different stages of research and analysis resulting in a signed contract. Give prospects the information they want to receive during each stage of their journey and they will see your firm as a go-to source and they will return to your website. You can put together a complete outreach package, and Hatchbuck will track the way your customers are moving through the process, looking for specific triggers that will push them into the next stage. There are six unique triggers that will indicate to Hatchbuck when to start and stop the marketing process for any given customer including date specific events and blog updates. For construction firms, this means sharing general information when they first sign up for your email list, and progressing to more detailed marketing as they get closer to breaking ground on their project.

Generate Better Leads With Marketing Automation

The number one feature that users love about Hatchbuck is that it can be completely automated after you do the initial work of writing the base content. Hatchbuck handles all of the other details so you don't have to bother with rewriting the same emails over and over, or manually entering new contact data over time. This means that you can keep up with multiple ongoing conversations with customers, keep your brand and name in front of them, build trust with them over time, all while focusing on actual construction projects that are in front of you. 

Overall, Hatchbuck is an excellent choice for construction firms that want to increase their visibility through email marketing, but want to cut down on wasted time sending individual emails to customers at various stages of the buying process. Marketing automation allows you to put together a package of emails that covers every possible phase and then send emails to prospects and clients based on their particular buying profile based on the way they are already interacting with your online content. Hatchbuck tracks visitor details like page views and time on your website and watches for triggers that will help identify customers who are closest to making a final decision, and points to you as the number one pick. Does Hatchbuck sound like more effort than you have time for? Let us set it up for you.