Interior Design Websites Using Squarespace

Why Squarespace Websites Are The Very Best Choice For Interior Designers

Why Squarespace Websites Are The Very Best Choice For Interior Designers

As an interior designer, the goal is to build a beautiful space with a sound basis of functionality and flow. The same should be true of a website designed to market interior design services. Squarespace provides a platform that allows interior designers to showcase their personal design aesthetics while still maintaining an easily readable and navigable site. Means-of-Production uses Squarespace to create completely custom websites that take advantage of best SEO practices, cloud-based technologies, web traffic analytics, and more while also portraying a compelling picture of the designer's portfolio and personality. 

Search Engine Optimization on Squarespace

Google and the other main search engines rely on keywords to determine the relevancy of any website to the users' searches. By effectively implementing keywords on and off page throughout the Squarespace site, and enhancing images with SEO search terms in their file names and captions, it is possible to boost an interior design site to the front page of search results quickly. With regular contributions from team members, designers and guests, it is feasible to build a substantial library of content that is optimized for search engines. 

Cloud Based Technology

Squarespace features convenient multi-platform access from any device with an internet connection. This means that it is possible to change, update or manage the website from anywhere, even on the go. This increased accessibility means that there is less time tied to a desk and more time for the real important work of actually designing for clients. Take a look at our article on Squarespace mobile apps.

Portfolio Building

On a website, large, high-quality images are imperative, and nothing could be truer of an industry that relies so heavily on the individual vision of the interior designer. Both video and photo portfolios can be created, opening the door to additional traffic from sources such as YouTube and image searches over traditional search engine traffic. 

Mobile Optimization and Responsive Design

Squarespace provides a secure infrastructure that is flexible for use in the mobile market. Websites are reactive to the devices that are accessing them, meaning that the person on the other end of the internet will be viewing a site that is equally easy to navigate on their phone as it is on a desktop computer. This is a huge asset as more people move to tablets and smart phones for the majority of their web searching. It is estimated that 51% of all Google searches are on a mobile device. A responsive design website is now a requirement if you want to be found on search engines and attract the right type of customer.

Social Media Integration

While the goal is to bring more people to the design home page, Squarespace realizes that social media is an active part of any marketing campaign. That is why they have conveniently added support that allows instant content sharing across all of the major social media platforms. Also, MailChimp support allows clients to sign up for newsletters and automatically be placed on organized subscription lists.

Squarespace Website Analytics

Trends change over time, and Squarespace wants to help users be prepared for those changes. Webpage analytics allows users to track the actual visibility and success of their marketing campaign while also identifying weak spots. This creates an opportunity to change keywords, update the flow of the page or make other modifications to better meet the demands of customers. 

Additional Squarespace Functionality and Services

Squarespace provides some other services through their website building features that are perfect for interior designers across the board. Support for retail sales online, controls over who can contribute to the page, cover pages, and 24/7 customer support allow for an unprecedented amount of control over every detail of the page. Means-of-Production builds interior design websites that take full advantage of all of these features while creating a site that helps your interior design firm get found online.