Hatchbuck Automated Marketing

An All-in-One Marketing Automation and CRM Software System

Companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.
— Forrester Research

Hatchbuck is an inexpensive marketing automation software designed for small to medium sized businesses. It makes timely prospect nurturing and education easy to implement and track. The goal of a marketing automation process is to get your messaging to the right people at the right time in their research and buying process. The key to this is

Intelligent Drip Email Campaigns

Hatchback marketing automation sends a series of targeted emails to prospects who opt into your marketing on website landing pages. Ongoing email campaigns are adjusted and sent based upon a prospect's particular page views and the actions they take on your website. By providing links to blogs or website pages within an email provides additional customization. When a link is clicked, the system automatically adjusts and sends an alternative set of emails designed to deliver different information. This allows you to determine, based on clicks and page views, just what information the prospect is seeking from your firm. All of these actions becomes data that self-loads into a CRM or customer relationship management tool so that you view your results on an easily understood dashboard. Redundant data input goes away and the software provides a numerical value of the prospects interest so that you know who is ready to discuss a project.

Turn Website Visitors Into Leads and Leads Into Clients With Less Effort

Hatchbuck is particularly useful for small and medium sized businesses whose products and services have a high dollar value and long research cycle. 

Houzz has research that indicates that the sales cycle for something as uncomplicated as a new garage is over 6 months. Home improvement customers always conduct research online and get to know a firm before contacting them about a purchasing services. They most frequently choose a business who is willing to answer questions through online content that demonstrates knowledge and capabilities. Hatchbuck makes this process easy and the results trackable. 

Hatchbuck Marketing Automation Features

The biggest benefits of marketing automation are,
・ Saving time (74%),
・ Increased customer engagement (68%),
・ More timely communications (58%)
・ Increased opportunities including up-selling (58%)
— Adestra
  • Import Your Contacts - Import your contacts into your Hatchbuck database and monitor their actions on your website. Know what web pages are popular and determine where prospects are in the buying cycle.

  • Build Online Forms - Gather contact information on your website, blog and social media using the drag and drop form builder. Creating landing pages for lead capture has never been easier.

  • Tag Your Prospects - Automatically tag contacts with words and phrases that help you keep your database organized and your messages relevant. Easily filter and search for contacts and companies by tags or names.

  • Visitor Webpage Tracking - Know which pages your prospects visit, and automatically send relevantly and targeted email messages. Website visitors are tagged when they visited certain pages and added to specific nurturing campaigns.

  • Beautiful Email Design - Create beautifully designed emails that get opened. Design email templates with the drag and drop email builder or use designs from a pre-built template library with hundreds of templates that work on mobile devices.

  • Email Marketing Automation - Easily automate your outreach and match your marketing communications to your prospects interests. Email Nurturing campaigns cultivate relationships with prospects and customers and keep your firm top-of-mind when a decision is made to move forward with a project

  • Segment Your Contacts - Send information individuals want by segmenting contacts into lists using attributes such as sales pipeline status, demographics, or unique interests. Transform your email outreach into personalized nurturing campaigns.

  • Send Targeted Communications - Automatically send prospects and customers relevant and meaningful information based on their online behavior. You will be notified when a prospect is close to a commitment.

  • Create Drip Marketing Campaigns - Email Nurturing campaigns can easily drip relevant content to prospects and contacts that answer questions and guides them through the prospect's decision-making process. Save valuable time and get increased response rates.

  • Know Your Next Steps With a CRM - Track and manage all of your sales and marketing activities in one spot. Hatchbuck tells you when to reach out to potential clients and sends alerts when prospects are near a buying decision.

  • Easy to Understand Marketing Analytics - Make marketing and business decisions without relying on assumptions. View accurate, relevant data and marketing metrics and view the effectiveness and return on investment for every dollar spent.

  • Grow Prospects into Customers - Save time by only contacting prospects that are ready to engage your services. Manage outreach tasks by prioritizing follow-ups with activity & task management tools and track individuals in your sales pipeline.

Hatchbuck is a subscription based service. Pricing starts at $29.00 per month for up to 250 contacts. Need more contacts? The cost is $99.00 per month for up to 2500 contacts.

Hatchbuck Integrates with Squarespace Websites

80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the number of conversions increase.
— VB Insight

You can use Hatchbuck in conjunction with a Squarespace website. It's a 20-minute process of adding tracking code to your website. Hatchbuck's software combines inbound marketing analytics tools and lead intelligence. Learn how a visitor found your site, which pages they spent time on and see a numerical value of their likeliness engage your services by viewing a single easy to understand dashboard.  

If growth is your goal, Hatchback is a small price to pay to keep your company top of mind and close more sales.  Having an efficient all in one system reduces the amount of time needed to perform online marketing compared to managing multiple systems. Less time means lower cost. Contact us for a free consultation to learn whether Hatchbuck is a good fit for your firm.