Why We Love HitTail SEO Software for Keyword Research

Long Tail Keyword Tools Research for Search Engine Optimization

Long Tail Keyword Tools Research for Search Engine Optimization

Online content marketing only works well when using targeted keyword phrases and publishing blog articles and website content frequently. When it comes to choosing the right long tail keywords for any search engine optimization effort, analysis can be a difficult. Not only are there hundreds of generalized keywords available in every industry, but when you research long tail keywords by combining phrases the number goes up exponentially. It is hard to find the right balance between which generalized terms will draw in new traffic, and which long tail keywords will attract prospects interested in engaging your services. Fortunately, HitTail's long tail keyword tool is designed to track keyword relevance and make suggestions based on actual search volume and history.

Ranked Search Results

One thing that clearly distinguishes HitTail from other search engine optimization and keyword software is that it provides rankings based on the overall quality of the keywords it is suggesting. For instance, any given keyword will be rated between one and five stars depending on the volume of searches for that keyword. These results are based on software that tracks data from the Google Search Console and puts it all into an easily readable format for the user.

Suggested Topics

Based on the keywords that the user has chosen, HitTail also offers a variety of suggested topics for the writer to cover. This means that even keywords which have not previously been very successful can get a helpful boost when pushed from a new angle. Based on current market trends for any keyword, and the relative value of that keyword, HitTail will help ensure that search engine optimization is taking place by offering high-demand topics that will create organic results.

Blog Article Writing

Once the HitTail software has pinpointed the most effective keywords for the industry at hand, and has ranked those keywords according to their approximate value, it also gives users a helpful resource for ordering blogs on any of their recommended topics. 400-word blogs can be ordered directly through HitTail for less than $20 each and will mesh with existing content according to the selected keywords. This is a simple solution for anyone who is struggling to source quality material or who is unsure about any of the suggested topics on the list, but wants to give them a shot.

Multiple Payment Plans

Depending on the type and scale of the search engine optimization that is being done, HitTail offers several different tiered plans for members. At the lowest rate of only $10 a month, the software includes automatic imports from Google and up to the minute reporting of results on 200 keywords. For $20 a month they include upgraded features such as international language support, 300 additional keywords per month, and other premium options. HitTail also offers business level plans for companies that service multiple blogs across different markets.

Get Better Blogging Results

HitTail is a good solution for architects, interior designers, design-build and landscape firms trying to diversify their search engine optimization with targeted, keyword-rich blog articles. While umbrella keywords that cover the built environment industry are helpful to draw in stray traffic - words like residential remodeling, second home or new kitchen - focusing in on long tail keywords is what actually generates a return on a marketing investment. Prospective clients who are looking for detailed information by using long tail keywords in search engines are much closer to making a purchasing decision than those who are just looking for general information. HitTail helps track the most successful keywords used in blog topics that will take your content marketing in the right direction and bring in the right customers.