Buffer Makes Social Media Marketing Easy for Interior Designers

Interior designers looking to highlight their recent accomplishments, share industry news, post landing pages and reach out to new customers should consider Buffer for social media marketing. Buffer reduces the amount of time it takes to schedule social media posts. You can streamline your process by using a single software program that automatically handles posts across multiple platforms, with the click of a button. 

How Buffer Works

Buffer is a software program designed to work with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. It allows an administrator to create a single account that can access all of the various social media outlets from one location. Then the company can pre-plan regular updates and posts for social media and set up a recurring update time so that the posts are automatically made at the same time across all platforms. These times can be adjusted to hit peak marketing hours when audiences are most likely to be looking at their social media apps. 

Why Buffer's Different

Buffer is not the only social media management software available on the market, but it does have several features that make it stand out from the others. One of the most important factors for interior designers is being able to share portfolio images of recently designed spaces. Buffer is currently one of the only social media management programs that properly encodes photos to show up as preview thumbnails on both Facebook and Twitter. The result of thumbnail functionality means that visitors who are casually scanning their news feeds will see the actual photo being shared instead of just a link to an offsite host. Images improve visibility and your click through rate increases. 

Buffer offers an extremely convenient drag and drop feature. While the company queue may be loaded up with standardized, pre-set marketing messages, it doesn't mean that there isn't room for sharing information on the spur of the moment. Users can easily use a browser extension to share any page that they are currently reading with their followers. Spontaneous updates draw people in by giving life to a feed. Post messages in real time and let prospects know your level of expertise and that you're available to educate and guide their interest in interior design services.

Social Media Marketing Analysis

On the back end, nothing is as telling as the actual numbers when it comes to any social media marketing campaign. Interior designers can track their progress and see what type of content their followers want to see based on the number of likes, comments and new follows they are earning. Social media marketing analytics is especially useful when building website portfolios and trying to figure out which images are popular among prospective new clients. Create several different themed albums - by space such as kitchens and baths, or design such as contemporary urban loft - and place them on different social platforms based on the channel's demography.  Pinterest skews 35 and female as an example. Watch which images get shared, who is sharing them, if they are your ideal client and adjust your website accordingly.  This will improve marketing efforts down the road by providing visitors a targeted, more personalized experience.

Ultimately, Buffer is an inexpensive tool that can push any interior design business to the next level by providing comprehensive social media coverage in a simplified way. By creating a list of pre-set messages to keep followers in the loop, and supplementing those marketing messages with random and individualized news updates, followers will be reminded of the products and services being offered while feeling like they have built a relationship with the brand. By sharing architectural photos, how to blogs and landing pages with guides and tracking the success of each new post, any interior designer can focus in on what attracts their ideal clients to their business. This knowledge gives you the power to replicate your successes, grow your following, get more shares and attract new clients.