Should Home Design Firms Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram Advertising For Construction Firms

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

For Home Design and Construction Firms

Content marketing is an integrated series of elements that when properly balanced can really drive your business forward. One key element of a complete online marketing strategy is social media engagement and advertising. Social media advertising can consistently drive the right market demographic to your website from the first day. Here at Means-of-Production, we are dedicated to content marketing. This means we build websites that are search engine optimized, we publish blogs at least weekly, and we build landing pages and email marketing drip campaigns that nurture and help close clients. That said, content marketing is a marathon not a sprint and if you need a quick sales lead boost, sometimes we turn to online advertising.

MailChimp Now Offers Facebook and Instagram Advertising

The two social media platforms that are perfect for home designers seeking to reach prospective clients through advertising are Facebook and Instagram. They are visually oriented and offer an easy way to target the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client. With properly crafted advertisements and targeted audiences on these social platforms, your prospects will find you. Aligning your message with your target audience on Facebook and Instagram will increase lead conversions and sales at a much lower cost than many traditional channels like print advertising.

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The Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Advertising

If you're looking for a quick return on your investment, social media is the perfect channel. It's perfect for including in a mix of longer-tailed marketing channels as it can begin to provide conversions and sales from the first day.

Here are three key benefits of advertising on Facebook and Instagram:

1 - Many channels require significant lead time before producing a return. For example, content marketing works best over time. As you regularly add content, your website becomes more visible to the search engines as backlinks and SEO efforts start to kick in.

2 - Some channels can provide fast results, but return drops significantly over time. Influencer marketing is an excellent example. Having an industry influencer write about your products or services can provide quick results, but results tend to drop over time. You pretty much get the benefits on a per post basis, which can be costly.

3 - Some channels can be consistent but are time-consuming like AdWords. AdWords can produce consistently, but there is a learning curve as you master the subtlety of the media and earn specific placements.

Social media advertising is immediate and can drive sales from the first day your website goes live. This is a big advantage.

Facebook and Instagram: The Perfect Social Channels For Home Design & Construction Firms

Facebook and Instagram are the top social networks on the web. With proven strategies you can generate consistent ROI on these three channels. Facebook is a social networking site with over 2 billion monthly users. Pinterest and Instagram are visually oriented social sites that are perfect for a visually oriented industry like home design.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram provides benefits like:

  • The ability to grow your brand, fanbase, and sales

  • Create customer-generated content and comments for use in ads

  • Better target your market including new and returning customers through retargeting

  • A/B test content quickly, using platform analytics to determine the effectiveness

  • Advertising is quickly scalable with no limits

With social media advertising you don't have to wait for a prospect to search for your keywords or find and read your blog. If you need to reach 50,000 people in a day, you can! Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are where your potential customers gather, where they are most accessible, and most actively engage with your advertising.

If you create and present a compelling offer, via the right social media channel, to people who are searching for your product or service they will find it and engage with your business.

Some Online Advertising Facts To Consider

  • Facebook boasts 2 billion monthly users. This is 25% of the world's population, all in one place.

  • Instagram has over 500 million active users and has one of the highest engagement rates of all social media channels – 58% higher than Facebook and 2000% high than Twitter.

  • Instagram is very image and video heavy. This is perfect for industries that are visually oriented like Home Design.

  • It's a visually oriented platform like Instagram, but unlike Instagram it is highly targeted towards women with an 81% female user base.

Make Facebook Advertising Part of Your Marketing Mix

A good inbound or content marketing strategy should absolutely include social media advertising in the mix. Social media offers almost immediate results when it comes to generating revenue from day one. It is a cost effective option that offers a high return on investment.

Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are three of the top social sites on the Internet. With a combined monthly user base of almost 3 billion users, these three sites offer you the ability to reach a wide audience of prospects who are searching for the services you offer. With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is by far the largest social site on the Internet. Instagram is a perfect channel for visually oriented service companies like home design and improvement. Creating targeted campaigns on these three channels should be a major part of your online marketing strategy.

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