Marketing Videos for Home Design and Construction Firms Is Growing

Marketing Video ROI for Home Improvement Firms

Data Shows That Marketing Videos Are a Growing Trend

While video marketing for home design and construction firms has been available for a number of years, the technology of creating and sharing videos has changed dramatically in the past few years. Easy to use video creation tools like Animoto, allow small to medium sized companies to create social media advertisements and new website content easily and consistently. Changes to both Facebook and YouTube means that they continue to be the most popular distribution platforms for "how to" videos, social media video ads, and other video content.

Home Design Prospects Are Looking For Marketing Videos

In 2016 5% of firms using video, marketing has seen returns directly related to video marketing efforts according to the Animoto Social Video Forecast. All aspects of marketing outreach including video design software and marketing distribution of videography have significantly improved and become more readily available, and less expensive for home design and construction companies actively using video as part of their marketing outreach.
Marketing professionals have been quick to adopt video as a way to supplement other content marketing efforts like email marketing, blogging, and social media promotion.

The Animoto report also found 44% of firms also plan to use a paid distribution platform like Facebook and Youtube content to expand the reach of their marketing videos.

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The Use Of Video Content Is Growing

All signs point to continued growth of marketing videos and greater distribution in upcoming years. As many as 84% of marketing professionals are relying on video marketing to educate their clients, and 55% of small and medium-sized business have used video as well, According to Social Media Examiner's 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Marketing videos have become a necessity, and many home design and construction firms are dedicated to video production more as a marketing tool and are planning on investing in marketing videos in the coming years.

Distributing Video Marketing

Facebook is the most used platform for sharing and promoting marketing videos. Facebook has upgraded their video services making it easy to post and share videos. YouTube is also a highly useful tool, and Google has added additional paid video promotion and advertising opportunities.

Video use on Instagram is quickly growing particularly for companies that see high-level services. Video adoption is happening on other channels like Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, but at a much slower pace.

Video Marketing Trends

Eighty-four percent of businesses are using marketing videos. Under half of them feel that they're keeping up with the trends. The number of home design and construction specialists who are keeping up with the trends is a bit smaller. As a result, companies are seeking ways to get ahead of their competition and are looking to add video marketing to their websites and social media outreach.  This research includes testing new platforms, hiring video professionals and getting more creative with branding and messaging.

Many of these software tools are intuitive and easy to use making video marketing is more accessible than ever before. Video marketing is a medium that allows firms to act fast to get ahead of your competition. Video marketing is a requirement across all home design and construction industries. It's a magnificent way to showcase home remodeling concepts, show remodeling projects in progress, and add completed project descriptions to your project portfolios. Video marketing promotes your business online and educates customer's by address their questions and providing solutions in a personal way that builds trust.

Design and construction professionals should explore the many ways that video marketing can highlight their expertise through the creation of informative, entertaining and educational videos and then using social media posting to spread the word over the following year or more.

Adding Videos To On The Squarespace Website Builder

On Squarespace, you can embed videos you cannot upload video content directly to the CMS. This allows your site to load faster, lets visitors share your on-page videos, and provides various options for video hosting. That said, Squarespace supports video embedding from YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, and Wistia. These well-known services are popular for their high-quality streaming, the ease of uploading, sizing, and video playback control. Videos can be added to a Squarespace website using Video BlocksGallery BlocksSummary BlocksVideo Banners, and Cover Pages. Some Squarespace templates allow you to add site-wide background videos.

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