Using 3D Illustration as a Sales tool for Landscape Designers

3D Illustration of New Condominium Development at Mount Snow

3D illustration enables landscape designers and architects to secure higher quality clients by providing photo-realistic representations of their aesthetic vision for projects. A rendering leaves less to chance. Means-of-Production employs illustrators that use the same software used by current leading movie animators such as Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic. The results are stunning 3D renderings that are visually alive because of the way they depict texture, dimension, color, light, shadow and fine details. These tools make illustrations made with Google Sketch Up look like they came out of a box from Crayola. High-quality 3D illustration helps you demonstrate your value. Ed Catmull, President of Walt Disney and Pixar has described the software this way "The original motivation to do the research that led to these technological discoveries was to expand the range of possibilities for storytellers." And the sales process for landscape designers requires you to be storytellers. 

3D Renders Reassure Clients and Help You Win RFP's

3D Render of Sundance at Mount Snow

We create 3D illustrations that accurately fulfill your vision and incorporate your client’s needs and preferences.  We work quickly and provide greater value than many of our competitors. The result is almost always better received by customers than freehand drawings that lack the sophistication and creativity of a 3D Illustration. Unlike 2-dimensional drawings, 3-dimensional displays are a useful tool that you can use in marketing your landscape design to your clients. This is because the customer can see the backdrop and imagine how amazing the real work would be.

Our illustrators have designed strikingly realistic, and high-impact 3D renders for a variety of international clients such as Peak Resorts, General Electric, IBM and Google.  These illustrations are outstanding works of artistry that have afforded our architect clients, landscape and interior designers, the tools to promote their creativity while effectively eliminating many of the challenges associated with design projects.

Outsmart Your Competitors with 3D Illustration

As a landscape designer or architect, using a 3D illustration will help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Your clients are more likely to approve an accurate representation that's perceived as professional and a step above traditional freehand drawings. A 3D rendering enables prospects who have an untrained eye to see how the landscape will ultimately look leaving them favorably reassured that you will fulfill their goals for the property. 

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