Why Homebuilding Professionals Should Be On Houzz

Using Houzz for Lead Generation

46 Million Users Make Houzz An Important Marketing Tool For Homebuilding Professionals

In the past few years, the Houzz social media platform has experienced tremendous growth now records over 46 million users and 25 million unique visitors to the website each month. 90% of which are homeowners.  These visitors are searching through designers’ portfolios by keyword and location to find and save designs they find appealing. They also contact the homebuilding professionals via the message boards or by clicking through to the homebuilders website. If your work is good, your Houzz profile page is correctly set up, and project portfolios have exceptional images with keyword-rich descriptions you will attract business leads to your website. 

These benefits on their own should encourage any architect, builder or interior design professional to sign up; if they haven’t done so already. However, Houzz isn’t just a traffic generating website.

Publish a Houzz Project Portfolio and Attract Better Prospects 

In a way unlike with other social media platforms, Houzz allows home building professionals to demonstrate competence by showcasing their entire project portfolio for free. Prospective clients can then save project images in an ‘Ideabook’ Where the building professional is credited, and the homeowner has the contact details for as long as they have the design saved. 

Building professionals can take it one step further by interacting with the potential client to offer support and guidance. This type of engagement is often valued and remembered by homeowners and is essentially the founding principal behind social media marketing: social interaction with a prospect leads to sales.

Along with the sharing of previous work; homeowners can review work they’ve previously contracted. Reviews enhance a built environment professional's reputation and will establish credibility. They are also used in the determination of who gets featured in a search. All things being equal, the company with a higher number of positive reviews will be seen by more homeowners than those with a lower number and a lower average review score. 

Become a Houzz Resource and Get New Clients

The social media platform isn’t just interested in having users sign up to their site. They're committed to giving design professionals the tools necessary to succeed in business and on the platform. Immediately after signing up, professionals receive a series of highly educational e-mails on the best practices of using Houzz. And if that wasn’t enough, professionals can gain access to the Houzz production tools, market research and invitations to Houzz run events in their local area – another great method for lead generation.

Advertising on Houzz with Pro+

For professionals that wish to invest a little into their social media campaigns; Houzz offers a ‘pay for’ package with extra benefits. This package includes increased exposure in the designer’s local area and improved highlighting of their work to potential clients. Both of which are invaluable to the expansion of a professional’s business.

The Pro+ package also includes tools and resources that offer opportunities for a professional's online marketing campaign. We have had Houzz Pro+ clients become eligible to promote portfolios exclusively on Houzz, and the result was a featured image on a Houzz blog and increased exposure that caused the click through rate to quadruple. 

Houzz Pro+  members have a control panel that allows them to monitor clicks, profile impressions and photograph impressions over a 30 day, 90 day and yearly time frame.  This useful analytics tool allows homebuilding professionals to know how efficient their advertisements, images and profiles are at driving traffic and encouraging sales leads. 

Houzz has made available printable customized paper review forms. These can be handed to clients and sent back to Houzz using the business reply included. The feedback can then be added to the professional’s profile; further enhancing the designer's reputation. 

A Houzz button can be placed on a professional’s product page that users can click on to automatically save the design to their ‘ideabook’. This is an invaluable tool to generate leads and analyze which designs potential clients prefer. If design professionals can determine which examples are more favorable, they can develop other campaigns highlighting these examples.

Houzz Drives Leads and Sales

Houzz is one of the greatest lead generators for built environment professionals. Their free profiles offer a fantastic way to be discovered and connect with actively searching potential clients. The Pro+ package only enhances the marketing opportunities available to designers. With traffic that is steadily growing month after month, there are no reason design professionals should not be on Houzz.

Michael ConwayComment