Designer Discourse | Jason Clary of Rusty Nail Design

"Art and function come together here…,” says the slogan of Rusty Nail Design Inc. out of Bozeman, Montana, though it may just as well be ‘Design for the storybook hero in every woodsman.’ For the past several years, Jason Clary has been artfully channeling his inner-imaginative-child to create furniture and spaces that are as robust in their structure as they are youthful in their aesthetic. 

Most creatives can remember where they were at the exact moment when idea changed their life. Jason was standing in the garage of his Montana home, staring at a pile of wood, which he turned into "the hutch that started it all." A few years, and many-a-projects later, he joins us to answer this month’s Designer Discourse survey."



What geographies or environments have had the most influence on your creative approach?
 I would probably say nature, for the simple fact that time and weather can change and move mountains. This being said I feel the same about one’s life and creative journey. 

What is your favorite well-known building? 
I don’t know if I have a favorite building, but I would say I am drawn to more timeless designs that encompass style and function.

What is your least favorite well-known building?
I truly struggle with the lack of creative process in some building situations. The idea that let’s just fill space and not consider an artistic approach saddens me.

What band or artist is currently in regular rotation on your iPod? 
The Counting Crows and Linkin Park

What design trend turns you on? 
I love the idea of using materials not for their intended use.

What design trend turns you off? 
The cheap knock off concept drives me up a wall. People/Artists/Craftsman should be respected on their own creative right and paid as such.

What color and design palettes do you love? 
Love earth tones, from the vibrant greens of rocky moss to the red/burgundies of rust.

What color and design palettes do you hate? 
Hate is such a strong word, but I guess I tend to stay clear of new and bright colors.

Of the projects you’ve worked on so far in 2013, which are you most proud of?
My range of work varies quite a bit from job to job , so to pick a favorite is hard for me. I definitely love the more creative concepts more than just a functional approach to a space, such as the pirate ship playhouse I installed earlier this year.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I think everyone would love to belt out their favorite song to a crowd of thousands. For me,  I would settle for completing the many half-done projects in my shop.

If heaven exists, what do you think the pearly gates will look like?  

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