Affordable Squarespace Websites Make Sure Fire SEO Easy

Squarespace Websites And SEO

Squarespace Websites and SEO

Squarespace is a website design platform that makes search engine optimization easy. The system gets it right by providing search engine optimization tools that are apparent and integrated within the page and gallery creation systems while intuitively enabling users to follow SEO best practices. Squarespace comes with SEO functions such as HTML5, canonical URLs and image alternative tags and has the following search engine optimization and design features built in;

Headlines and URLs

Headlines, URLs and Page Titles are page elements that inform search engines what the content of your page contains. Squarespace 6 allows unique control of page title formats for the home page of your website. URL's are automatically generated, and you have control over H1, H2 and H3 titles within the page. You can include a variety of solitary images or galleries within pages and blog posts. Think of each page and every image as opportunities to add additional SEO.

Indexable Mark Up

The Squarespace website builder generates pages with HTML markup that is clean and easily indexed by search engines and keywords. 


Squarespace automatically pulls metadata into the page titles including your blog and page titles. Squarespace 6 provides easy control of website URL structures, article and page headlines as well as the metadata for your pages. 

Scripts and HTML

Squarespace allows you to quickly place scripts and HMTL into page head sections. This enables A/B testing of online marketing campaigns because success can be tracked by Google Analytics with access to the page head to run content experiments. 

Automatic Image Tags and Alternative Text

Image search is only possible using alternative text. The vision impaired benefit from alt text is that search engines use alt text to determine your image subject matter. You can use any captions for the alt text image.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO practice is driven by tactics that enhance the user experience when visiting your website. One of the most interesting SEO options is the use of rel=canonical Meta tag. This Meta tag guides search engines to which URL should be indexed when it discovers changes in the URL for a web page.

It's a good SEO practice to use the rel=canonical tag to eliminate indexation problems and promote a greater understanding of your website by Google search engines. The Meta tag is now automatically included in all Squarespace websites and solves two top issues facing many blogs and content management system platforms.

Social Media

Social media share buttons can be placed on any page. Share buttons help build link backs. Social sharing on Squarespace gives a better image, description title, and control. Squarespace blogs implement Meta tags with your articles, description, title and image and pass them to the social media networks your visitor has posted upon. 

Better Mobile Experience

People using mobile devices to access your blog or website currently, stand at between 10 to 30 percent and is increasing each year. the Squarespace website builder’s unique design automatically serves up mobile device versions of your web pages. It uses SEO friendly, and Google approved responsive design for a stunning mobile presentation. 


Sitemaps are important to search engine optimization. Squarespace automatically generates xml sitemaps and robot.txt files for their websites. This eliminates the need to update your sitemap. 

Agile Marketing

The ease of creating and managing pages enables users to be more agile than ever. Squarespace unlocks powerful marketing features such as form building and landing pages that take a fraction of the time, requires no plugins and are easier than WordPress.

HTML5 and CSS3

Squarespace has HTML5 and CSS3 technologies built in. Squarespace forms can be exported easily to any email address, Google Doc, or a MailChimp list.

No Plugins

Squarespace websites come with search engine functionality built in. With 600 people in New York updating the software to ensure SEO, best practices are simply incorporated. This means, SEO without the need for plugins that can be prone to malware and hacking.

Squarespace is an excellent choice for those small businesses who want good search engine optimization built in. It's secure and requires less management because of the automated features that are built into the software. Combined with Squarespace's 24/7 customer support, walled garden approach to software updates and dedicated SEO team, Squarespace 6 is an exceptional value.