Place Branding and Marketing Luxury Resort Properties

Iron Horse Vineyards,  Green Valley Sonoma CA

Iron Horse Vineyards,  Green Valley Sonoma CA

Contrary to popular belief, resort communities are continuing to sell real estate. Bloomberg News reported just last week that "Housing starts in the U.S. surged 15 percent in September to the highest level in four years, adding to signs of a revival in the industry at the heart of the financial crisis." The unemployment situation is rebounding, and the high-end luxury market is taking advantage of the lowest mortgage interest rates that have ever existed. The key to success is knowing the customer persona you are selling to and crafting an intelligent marketing campaign that contains specific, targeted messaging. 

The first step is to know you audience. If you understand what motivates the people who are buying luxury properties, then you can sell to them. Begin by defining them by demographic, psychographic, geographic, and socioeconomic class. Read and view the media that they watch and read for general insight into their likes. Craft your messaging to speak to differences in gender. Though this is not always the case, men are frequently interested in the systems, and efficiency of a building and women often interested in lifestyle. Marketing brochures that begin with lifestyle and promote the building's LEED and High Performance credentials deeper into the marketing work best. 

Almost all prospects will be motivated by an emotional campaign that highlights a perception of family. Avoid inexpensive stock photography and use "hearth and home" pictures that speak to the properties advantages. Convey amenities within the context of style and fashion. Emphasize current trends in a timeless way and position the property as a step up. I like to remind my clients that words matter. Mercedes Benz does not sell its vehicles by model number, they sell a class of automobile.

Luxury Real Estate Sales Before Construction

There is always uncertainty in the minds of prospects when selling a property before ground has been broken. So much of your pre-construction marketing needs to rely upon the emotional connection you encourage by providing marketing that enables potential buyers to imagine themselves in the new home. These buyers need to feel that they are active participants, not only in the buying process but all steps leading up to a signed contract. Luxury home buyers demand choice and want to see options. One very successful method of avoiding misunderstandings and the vagueness of perception is to create 3D Illustrations and animations that allow the prospect to feel as if they are walking within the space. A single 3D render can cost between $1500 on the low end to many thousands for realistic looking drawings that are indistinguishable from photographs.  The type of property being sold will guide the value of this approach but often it makes the difference in securing a sale. Customization of the illustration can be done inexpensively once the space is rendered and it allows the prospect to participate by choosing finishes early in the process and see exactly what they are buying. 

Marketing materials must convey a strong sense of place. Your prospects may be buying a structure, but they are also securing the place where the memories of their children will be created. it's not just a ski you

The right marketing and advertising campaign directed towards the proper audience personas will make all the difference. An average 30 year fixed interest rate rate of 3.37, a near record-low could secure the deal. The key is to begin the outreach early through social media and encourage prospects to download information on your properties. Once they have taken an interest and asked for information, begin segmenting your list of prospects by property type and demographic, psychographic and socio economic factors. Then begin speaking to your prospects in a voice they understand and answer questions they have using numerous touch points. The results will surpass your expectations. contain, beach or place to spend the holidays. Your marketing should focus on the positive aspects of your location such as the laconic warmth of the people in Vermont, the historical context of the gulf coast and the elegance of dining amongst the world's best vineyards in Sonoma and Napa Valley.