Using 3D Illustration To Sell Homes Just Like the Property Brothers

3d Illustration of the NH State Visitor Center

3d Illustration of the NH State Visitor Center

If Pixar can use 3d illustration to mimic realistically the movement of fish underwater in "Finding Nemo" or realistically replicate the real world physics of hundreds of balloons in "Up", then what kind of realism could that technology bring when building an image of the perfect vacation home?

Flat 2 dimensional images are excellent for evaluating the use of space. You can use a blueprint and the dimensions of hot tubs, pools, and other features to determine whether they will fit in a second home, but as the old adage says: "seeing is believing." Bringing structure to life from the flat papers and drawings will breathe life into any design, allowing buyers to appreciate really what they will be getting.

Model homes have long since been a staple of the real estate industry, particularly when selling homes that have not yet been built. However,  building a sample merely to show home buyers what their home might look can be incredibly costly, which is why many builders have turned to virtual model homes to sell homes under construction. A detailed 3d illustration can be created from virtually any 2d plans, allowing potential buyers to "walk through" the home long before it's ever built.

The Advantages of a Virtual Walk Through

There are actually several advantages to a virtual walk through over a traditional open house. Often a buyer will be purchasing a second home in an area quite distant from their actual residence. A virtual walk through allows customers from all over the world look at the home at their convenience. A 3d illustration may also be viewed as often as a buyer would like, allowing them to review the illustration any time. Using a realistic illustration more easily allows buyers to imagine themselves in the home, much more so than a bare floor plan.

You've seen the results on HGTV's television show, Property Brothers. They've demonstrated that you can tell buyers their new home will have a beautiful view from their front window, or a balcony that opens up into a lush garden, but words and diagrams aren't as evocative as being able to see it. With a 3d illustration, you can show buyers the flow of a home, and zoom in on particular features. Are they interested in the closet size? Simply zoom in on their bedroom and show them what they can walk into each morning, or focus on whichever area they like best.

3d illustrations allow you to show buyers details of a home allowing them form an emotional connection and  begin to make it they're own. A lifelike 3d illustration allows buyers to begin to see how they would customize a space to make it their own, and its often quite simple to make the changes to the model to reflect the buyer's preferences. Would they prefer yellow paint in the kitchen? Done. Perhaps different fixtures in the bathroom? Only a few clicks, and suddenly they are seeing their dream home. 

3D Digital Illustrations Sell Homes

For the person buying a second home, convenience and comfort are paramount. They may find a home they could learn to live with, or perhaps need to pay for costly modifications to create their dream home. However, a digital illustration gives the homehomebuyer the control to eliminate these inconveniences. A potential buyer could see for themselves the home adapt to their needs, instead of adapting to a home. The flexibility of digital illustration means you can help clients create a home they will love to live in.

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