How Houzz is Used to Promote Landscape Design Firms Online

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Houzz For Marketing

Your landscape design firm's website is only one segment of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. In order to be effective, your website needs to get found online. Of course, you've used keywords throughout your site to aid Google, and have set-up your blog to improve your SERP. But driving traffic also needs to include engagement on other websites. 

One website that is extremely valuable for landscape design firms and others in the home trades is Houzz. Houzz is a photography based website that allows professionals in the home trades to build a profile which can be an invaluable source of both direct leads, and traffic to your firm's website. Houzz claims over 35 million users whose average annual household income is $125,000. The best part is that because it is a home oriented site, visitors are in the market for exactly what your company offers.

Like your website, your Houzz profile needs to capture the interest of visitors. Appearance is everything. You need to interest and engage with potential clients and then direct them to your company website to enter your lead funnel. Your website should reflect your brand. Offering a dynamic, exciting profile on Houzz including vibrant photography and examples of your work along with as much detailed information as possible can position your firm, and develop your brand. This will help establish your credibility, thought leadership and skills and engage readers to visit your website.

Let's look at some best practices and how to maximize your Houzz profile to engage with readers and drive traffic to your company's website where you can further establish your relationship, build trust, and convert them into qualified leads.

Completely Fill Out Your Houzz Profile

Keywords play a big role in your ability to get found on Houzz. Much like Google, Houzz searches involve relevant keywords and phrases and include location tags. When you build a project on Houzz, there is a section reserved for keywords. Make sure you include location, for example “landscape design” and “Chicago” landscape design” (if your firm is located in Chicago!) Also use the same keywords throughout your profile. Its also a good idea to include the type of home you're featuring on your project portfolios such as "Prairie Style Landscape Design In Chicago".

Keywords play a role in your Houzz ranking. Houzz is also indexed by Google so you can also add value to your company website's SERP. Another technique for increasing your ranking on Houzz is to include reviews of your company on your profile.

Your best local leads probably come from word-of-mouth referrals. In the online world, reviews serve that function. Today's consumer begins their buying process online and reviews are highly valued when making buying decisions. Houzz reviews can not only engage with readers, they can help increase your search engine page rank. 

Engaging directly with readers is a great way to build trust and drive traffic. Houzz provides a questions feature where readers can inquire about projects. You need to monitor your profile and respond quickly. This shows readers you care and allows you to directly engage one-on-one with your readers. You can then direct them to your blog or website where they can gather more information and enter your lead funnel.

You can also drive traffic with external linking which will also improve your Houzz rank. Linking back to a blog post on your website can redirect potential clients to your site where you can better explain who you are, what you do and the value of working with your landscape design firm on your reader's next project.

Using Houzz for Website Lead Generation

All roads should lead back to your website. Whether it's your Houzz profile, your Facebook page or any other social media you use, your ultimate goal is to redirect visitors to your company website where they can engage and convert. Using calls-to-action on your blog posts that direct readers to a landing page where they can download a free report, or white paper in return for their email contact information is one strong method for generating and qualifying leads. Contact can then be established through targeted personalized email to develop your relationship further and build trust as you guide them through their buying process.

About Michael Conway

I'm the owner and strategist at Means-of-Production. My firm builds Squarespace websites, Houzz profiles, and content marketing and advertising solutions for architects, interior designers, design-build contractors and landscape design firms. Our all-in-one marketing tactics attract the right clients with exceptional architectural photography and brand messaging that sets you apart from the competition.