What is Buffer? Social Media Posting for Design-Build Firms

Using Buffer For Social Media

If your design-build firm is in the process of expanding your outreach to include social media posts, the use of a service such as Buffer to manage your posts from a single access point can be a huge asset. There are numerous social networks boasting hundreds of millions of members, but taking the time to individually make posts on each of these sites individually can be time-consuming. Buffer's platform simplifies your ability to schedule posts across multiple social media sites ahead of time, and not have to worry about missing out on important marketing opportunities.

Buffer Is A Social Posting Tool

Currently, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the top three most popular social media sites around the world. All three of them provide a unique way for you to share photos and videos of design-build projects that showcase your capabilities to prospective clients. Social media has become extremely important for small firms who want to reach new customers and attract a following as industry leaders who will share their posts. 

Further research on the viability of marketing through the various social media platforms has revealed some very telling data. For instance, tweets posted around 4 PM Eastern time get more attention than posts made during other times of the day. Buffer allows you to intentionally schedule posts during this time period for peak visibility without having to set that time aside every day for you to actually log in at the right moment and share. 

In addition, social media posts that include photos have a much higher click-through rate than plain text posts. Buffer is especially good for uploading photos and correctly formatting them so that they appear expanded on Twitter, rather than as links. Other social media management software currently available is not set up to reformat photos correctly to appear on all social media sites equally. Plus, photos that include hashtags in their description also draw more attention than those without, as hashtag links are easily searchable on all social media platforms these days. 

Using Buffer For Business

Buffer includes an incredible amount of control and support for design-build firms who want to improve their marketing strategy by sharing interesting information. With their Chrome extension and mobile apps, it is simple to highlight text and immediately move it into Buffer to be shared. Plus, you can queue up all of your social media posts for an entire week or more and Buffer will slowly post them over time in the order that you have them loaded. This means that all of your social media management can be done in advance. This process makes posting efficient and Buffer will email you letting you know it's time to reload the queue. 

Buffer is the social media tool we recommend for design-build firms who want to get their portfolio in front of a larger audience. Learn more. Use it to keep followers excited about current projects, and share helpful information and tips that engage readers. It is extremely easy to set up regular automated posts across all social media outlets while also retaining the ability to share hot information on the spur of the moment as it comes up for a more organic experience. You will then be able to track how your posts are faring and see which content is earning the highest returns based on re-tweets, shares, favorites and more. 

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