Essential Homepage Advice For Interior Design Websites

Learn Professional Design Tactics for Building a Better Homepage.

Website Homepage Design is Crucial To The Success Of Your Business.

Learn Professional Design Tactics for Building a Better Homepage.

When a potential customer lands on your website, you have an average of seven seconds to get your message across before they click off of your website and -most probably - onto your competitor’s site. This begs the question, is your website compelling? Do you have what it takes to engage with visitor’s interests and keep them around reading your content and viewing your images and videos?

Your homepage is often the first interaction you'll have with potential customers and the most important one when it comes to building long-term relationships. Your interior design website needs to have certain critical elements to effectively generate leads and sales. Use the following tips to keep visitors to your website engaged and interested.

1.  Create a Powerful Brand Image and Message - Your homepage should be a targeted message that conveys a benefit-oriented message to your reader. You need to identify quickly why a visitor to your site should choose your company. Sales language is much less useful on the web. Consumers don’t want to hear that you’re the “best”, they want to know why your product or service is different and how it can help them to address a challenge or pain point they are having. Incorporate elements like a compelling headline, outline the benefits of working with your company (not only what you do, but why it matters), and use a strong CTAs (Call-to-Action) to drive visitors to act and want to know more.

2.  Focus on Clarity of Both Message and Design - Don’t overwhelm your visitors with a 3000-word history of your business, and dozens of images. Keep your message short and concise. Identify who you are, what you do, and the core benefits of working with your firm.  Keep your design easy to read. While grey text on a dark blue background might look good, it could be hard to read. If your visitor has to work too hard to gather information, they’ll leave your site for a competitor’s site that’s easier to read and navigate.

3.  Use Secondary Messaging Effectively - Once you've stated your primary message, use a secondary message to keep your visitors engaged. Your subsequent message should be action driven, such as "Click Here for Additional Information," or a good visual driver for your interior design website, “Click Here to See Our Work.” You can also use a call-to-action for your secondary message. The goal is a conversion driver asking for personal information in return for a premium item such as an e-book or white paper.

4. Use Images, Videos or HTML5 Animation to Drive Home Your Core Message – The web is a visual medium. Use your interior design website homepage to visually showcase your work. Images, animations and videos should be an important element of your homepage. Use them to help illustrate your company’s expertise and core competitive benefits. It will help your visitors to visualize how you can help them address their needs. Most people are visually oriented. Use images to quickly convey and support your primary message. Be consistent in your messaging and align it with your visuals for success.

Your interior design website homepage can be an effective sales tool to help you generate leads and convert those leads into paying clients. Remember that your homepage is often your first contact with a potential client. Keep your message short and concise, your design uncluttered and engage with your visitors by answering their questions right from the start on your homepage.  You’ll not only create a better user experience for your visitors; but you'll also drive leads and sales. With proper planning, your interior design website homepage can become the core of your marketing success! 

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