How Often Should an Architect Post Marketing Blogs?

Companies that published 16 or more posts per month saw a rise of 3.5X more traffic than companies publishing 0-4 times per month

Companies that published 16 or more posts per month saw a rise of 3.5X more traffic than companies publishing 0-4 times per month

In the content marketing world, almost nothing is as efficient and productive as blogging. The catch phrase is “blog early, blog often,” but this begs the question, how early and how often should an architect blog to maximize return, without inundating subscriber’s mailboxes? Hubspot, the marketing software provider, has over 13,500 blogging customers and is a source for market research on the subject. They have the statistics to help us understand how often you should blog to increase website traffic and leads.

How Many Blog posts Per Month Should an Architect Write?

Let’s cut right to the chase. What is the correct number of posts? Well, the answer depends on a few factors. First, as you’re laying out your editorial calendar, think carefully about your monthly traffic and lead goals.  Next, think about your target market, are you seeking residential projects (B2C), or perhaps your architectural firm is seeking more commercial work (B2B) then write content for your Architect's blog to attract and address readers in your targeted markets.

As a general rule, companies that published 16 or more posts per month saw a rise of 3.5X more traffic than companies publishing 0-4 times per month.  The numbers get really interesting when you begin to look at them by company size.

As a general rule, smaller companies that blog more often (11x or more per month) have substantially higher traffic than those that blog less. Firms publishing more posts (11+) saw a 3x increase in traffic compared to those that published 5 or fewer posts. As company size increases so does impact. Larger firms (11-25 employees) frequently blogging  (11x per month) saw an even greater increase in traffic of up to 3.5X more than companies who were less diligent in their efforts.

Commercial VS Residential Architect Blog

If your firm's focus is towards driving residential work, there is positive correlation between the number of blog posts and traffic. If your focus is commercial, the results are a little different. While there is still positive correlation, the results are smaller and vary by category. For example, breaking posts into apartment oriented articles, commercial retail posts, and industrial posts. However cumulatively the statistic holds, overall, including all B2B categories blogging 11+ times per month, increased traffic by 3X compared to architectural firms that blogged less frequently regardless of company size.

Your Blogs Impact On Lead Generation

While overall traffic is a valid measure of your blogging efforts success, the fact is what counts are leads generated and sales closed per month. Here, the numbers become even more impressive.  In general, companies across all sizes that published 16+ posts per month generated 4.5X more leads than companies that published between 0 and four monthly posts.

Architectural Blog Best Practices

Writing an architect’s blog as a means for online marketing of your firm is a wise decision that has positive impacts. No matter the size of your company, blogging a minimum of 11X per month has positive returns including increased website traffic and increased leads of higher quality. For blogging to be most effective, you need to post new information an average of three times per week.

By organizing a quarterly editorial calendar, you can write a series of articles quickly and have material ready to publish throughout the quarter with simply a few mouse clicks. The bottom line, make a commitment to publish regularly quality content, and you will reap the rewards in terms of traffic and leads. And because previous posts remain on the web forever (or until you remove them) those results will continue over the long term!

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