Means-of-Production Blog Writing Services

Outsourced blog writing is a low cost way to increase website visitors in your market who are researching your services. I’m betting your time is better spent running your business than researching keywords, writing search engine optimized content, crafting meta descriptions, resizing images for the web, writing alternative tags, and posting and scheduling articles on your website that are formatted with the proper title tags, on page formatting and ready to publish. Skip the learning curve and hire the copywriting experts who can help you grow your business. Outsourced blog writing makes sense.

Find Potential Clients When They Are Researching Your Services

An ongoing supply of well written, keyword-based blogs is your single best source for generating web traffic and attracting leads. Advertising and public relations have their place but are less productive, costly, and have a lower ROI than blog articles. Educational blog articles–writing that answers the questions prospects have before they buy your services–will help you attract potential clients by providing expertise at the moment prospects are researching home design services.

How  Blog Articles Help Your Site Get Found

Potential clients search for information on home design services online before committing to remodel or build a new home. They typically use long tail keyword search terms like "Choosing Quartz Countertops When Remodeling" or "Bathroom Design Gold Coast Chicago."

Search engine optimized blog articles that Google deems are a good match for the search terms queried show up in search engine results pages when prospective clients are conducting research.

Why Blogs Provide An Excellent Return

Blog articles will forever be available to be seen in online in search results once published. Every new blog article you publish increases your ability to get found in search results. You invest in a blog once, and it continues to work into the future. Advertising results end when you stop paying for it.

When a potential client finds your article in search results and clicks through to your website, they likely to respect what they've read and will continue to other pages on your site like your portfolio.

Google statistics show that a potential client will interact with a brand up to thirty times on average before making a purchase. Sharing your blog articles repeatedly on social media channels will get prospects back to your site if what you have presented in the past has value. With repeated return visits the likelihood that you can encourage website visitors to sign up for your blog or a downloadable guide increases. Getting their contact information will allow you to stay top-of-mind with ongoing email marketing.  

Blog Writing Example of Client Success

We have a client that saw unique visitors to their website rise from 120 people per month when we launched a redesign of there website to over 44,000 people per month in sixty months because they published two search engine optimized blog articles weekly. Year over year sales increased between 15% and 22% during the five years they worked with Means-of-Production.

Why Blogs Fail to Deliver

It will take six months to a year for your blog to generate tangible results if you provide a mix of long and short form articles with valuable information, publish twice weekly, target a viable long tail keyword phrase, format your blogs for SEO and share them often on social media channels to acquire backlinks.  Beyond that, there are four big reasons blogs fail to get results. Unreasonable expectations, emphasizing fluff over value, not seeing the big picture and giving up early.

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About Our Outsourced Blog Writing Services

If you don’t have the time or SEO expertise to write blog articles with a marketing intent, our team of professional journalists and public relations writers can do the work for you. Writing blogs using sourced reference publications are the best way to keep the cost of writing articles low while using high-value long tail keyword phrases. We write with your ideal client or persona in mind, but we suggest that you or someone on your team add personal anecdotes to these articles once they have been written and delivered. This personalization may or may not help with SEO, but there is engagement value in the telling of personal experiences and details about your services that cannot be discovered through research.

Choose Standard Or Custom Blog Writing, 800 or 1600 Words

We also provide a bespoke approach to blog writing that includes informal personal experiences and client case studies. For a higher fee, we will interview you or your team before writing each blog article. Though this is not a true ghostwriting service, it will eliminate the need for you or someone on your staff to write for personalization.


Companies with 1 - 10 employees, that publish 300+ blog posts in total get 3.5x as much traffic as those that have 0 - 50 posts.

Blogs are evergreen content. 75% of blog views and 90% of blog leads came from old posts.
— Hubspot