Deliverables Included In Our Blog Writing Services

We sell blogs in packages of twenty-six or fifty-two articles for researched and sourced articles to reduce costs and to ensure effectiveness. Interview-based blogs are sold in packages of twelve. We provide different levels of service based on your firm's goals. For best results, we strongly recommend posting a minimum of two blog articles weekly and posting continuously for no less than a year. The blogs we write are educational, factual and intended to appeal to potential clients that are nearing a decision stage in the sales process. They are formatted for on-page SEO following Google best practices and are written to attain a high PageRank and get found on search engine results pages.

Blog articles come with the following based on your level of service.

Kick Off Meeting

A one-hour meeting will be scheduled to discuss your business goals, high-profit services, ideal clients, target geographic area, and anything you would like us to know about and to avoid.  A writer will then research your company and your competition to understand your company culture and ideal clients better.

Keyword Research

We will research both seed keywords like "kitchen remodeling" as well as long tail keyword phrases that are article specific like "open concept kitchen remodeling tips." Our goal is to find high search volume keyword phrases with a low competition score. We will also research market based local SEO terms like towns and neighborhoods to ensure your articles are reaching your target audience. We use a number of keyword research and blog writing tools, such as Serpstat, WebTextTool and Google to ensure we are getting you found online for the words people use to search for your services.

Blog Article Writing

We research articles online and choose three information sources as research materials for your blog. The research is done using the the high value keyword phrase we want you to get found for and we favor those articles that come from sites with a high domain authority. The articles we write are educational and designed to help you get found for the services your selling. We use Grammarly software to ensure the voice, vocabulary, grammar and the readability score match your audience. We also check for duplicate content to avoid any potential SEO plagiarism penalty. The last paragraph in your post will include a call to action. We strongly recommend that our clients include information that we would have no way of knowing.

SEO Formatting for Blogs

Blog articles are then formatted to follow the most current best practices for search engine optimization. This includes using the seed keyword in the H1 title of your blog, H2 and H3 subtitles, placed in your copy at a 1.5% insertion rate, placed in a line of bolded text, and used as the alternative tags for your images. We also add links from the article to pages within your website as well as links to non-competing external sources. To ensure every blog is properly formatted for the best possible result, we use WebTextTool for SEO. 

Blog Meta Descriptions

On Squarespace, meta descriptions are called page descriptions. Meta descriptions are the lines of text found below your page link in search engine results pages. We will write a 160 character description that encourages visitors to click on your link as opposed to competing links. They will include they keyword, a description, and calls to action.

Image Sizing and Alt Tags

If you've chosen to have us place your articles on a Squarespace website, we will include a hero image and a thumbnail in each article. We source images from your project portfolios, and we link them back to the project. We size them following Squarespace best practices– no larger than 2500px wide and no more than 500kb in weight. An image caption will be added to the hero image and marked "do not display" so that it acts as an alternative tag. “Alt Tags” are part of the SEO of the article but also help visually impaired visitors know what the content of the image is. We also offer graphic images designed like those you see on this website, as well as stock photography for an additional fee.

Local Search Engine Optimization

To help you attract clients in your service area, we include the names of your geographic region, cities and towns, and neighborhoods where applicable. As an example, we may include terms like "Chicagoland", "Chicago West Loop" and "Halstead Street Chicago" for clients in Chicago. All websites visitors are good for SEO but some visitors are better for sales leads We write copy to attract local visitors if your service area is limited. We understand that it does not help your sales funnel all that much if your receiving traffic from visitors outside your service area so we work hard to include local keyword terms in everything we write including, blogs, email campaigns, and page copy.

Calls To Action

Every we blog we publish has at least one call to action in the forms of a text link, button or graphic image. The CTA’s are linked to the most appropriate page on your site, the one that moves the visitor closer to becoming a lead. This may be a project portfolio, a services page or a landing page with a form. If you opt to have us build an email marketing campaign with marketing automation, we will send them to the landing page designed for the campaign.


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Blogging on Squarespace

Our preference is to write blogs for companies with a Squarespace website. This is because we can post your article to your blog page, format it correctly for SEO, and create internal links and calls to action that to your pages on your site. That said, the biggest reason is that Squarespace makes all the above easier and faster, saving us time and you money.

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