Why Interior Designers Should Consider Blogging on Squarespace

Interior Design Blogging on Squarespace

A Squarespace Blog Attracts Better Interior Design Clients

A Squarespace Blog Makes Content Marketing Easier

Blog articles are a significant content marketing tactic used promote interior design services and form relationships between business and customer. If you're building a new website for your interior design firm, you should weigh the strengths and functionality of the blog before making a decision regarding which CMS is right for your company. We believe a Squarespace Blog makes writing and promoting your interior design services easy by allowing you to concentrate on good content.

A Squarespace blog is a better option over dated systems like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, and BlogSpot – But just how great of an alternative is it?

I believe all small businesses, but especially interior design firms should be writing blogs weekly and using Squarespace as their website platform. To ensure you're satisfied it will work for your company, you should evaluate just how much functionality the platform offers, and how simple it is to post blog articles.

To explore set up a Squarespace blog, continue reading. It’s an excellent content marketing tool for businesses seeking to increase website visitors.

How To Set Up A Squarespace Blog

If you are contemplating using Squarespace as your website platform and trying it out to see if it meets your needs, log into the content manager. The blog feature can be found in the Pages section, located in the left-hand sidebar. Adding a blog to Squarespace is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. To add a blog on Squarespace, just click Add "Page" in the left-hand sidebar and then select "Blog" from your page options.

  2. Once your blog page opens – which takes less than a second, you can begin writing your blog article clicking Add Post in the top right-hand corner.

  3. You can then enter your title, cut and paste your written content and add your images using the same content block system that Squarespace uses on all of its pages.

Squarespace allows you to change the look of every blog article you create. Start experimenting with the wide-ranging content block options. Content blocks are the way you add almost anything to your Squarespace blog. These content block choices include adding text blocks; photographs, social media buttons and feeds, videos, galleries, products, SoundCloud podcasts, graphs, e-newsletter sign-up forms and much more. It’s all as simple as selecting which content block and dragging it to the location on the page where it looks best.

Once finished inserting images, videos, text, and other blocks, you can set to publish your post immediately or at a future time and date. The last important item to add is a tag and category for your blog article. Click save, and you’re done.

Your blog article will show up on the left-hand side of the content manager along with any other blog posts you write. The neatly laid out list shows the titles, an image, and a quick edit button.

Additional options and features of a Squarespace Blog include:

  • SEO features like built in alternative tagging for images.

  • Adding your firm's location (This helps local SEO)

  • Automatically pushing your articles to social media channels

  • A variety of blog template styles based on your website's template

  • Enabling or disabling comments

These additional choices help round off the Squarespace blogging tool, making it superior to publishing websites like WordPress.

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