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Three Invaluable Blogging Tools: Serpstat, Grammarly, and WebTextTool

Here at Means of Production, we've created thousands of pieces of highly targeted content for our clients in the residential building design business. Over the years we've experimented with various blogging tools to help us deliver a superior level of copywriting and SEO for our clients, from interior design firms, to design-build contractors, architects, and landscape designers.

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We use these blogging tools to help us determine the keywords and phrases most related to our clients' businesses, check spelling, grammar, voice, readability, and style and create SEO optimized content that drives traffic and increases sales.

Here are three blogging tools that we're currently using to help us create useful targeted web content, landing pages, and blogs for our clients.

Serpstat – All In One SEO

Serpstat is a search engine optimization tool and marketing intelligence platform that helps us find valuable keywords for SEO campaigns.

This is, bar none, the BEST cloud based SEO platform out there... It has revolutionized our SEO game and helps us make daily decisions on what kind of content to write, publish and try to optimize around, as well as helping us spy on our competitors in SEO and PPC.
The software has exceeded my expectations in just about every area.
— Verified Reviewer, Capterra

Extensive keyword research is one of the ways we work to optimize our client's content. Serpstat is a comprehensive platform. It's designed to help businesses improve performance in several specific SEO areas including marketing, search analytics, content marketing, and more. Serpstat allows us to see precisely who is ranking well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and write articles that contain information we know your prospective clients are looking for online.

Using Serpstat's analytics system, we're able to see how our clients' competitors rank on the SERPs by giving us the most recent information and business intelligence on the promotional spending patterns. It also gives us information on the keywords they're using in their campaigns.

Having volume and competition data on keywords helps us to write better articles target our client's audience and maximize PageRank in those all-important Search Engine Results Pages. Serpstat gives us the top 100 search results for a particular "seed" keyword (design-build remodeling, residential interior-design, new home construction) as well as the historical data or keyword per city, or region to optimize local search results.

Backlink analysis is vital to your SEO efforts. Serpstat provides a thorough backlink analysis report that includes anchors, referring pages and domains. It can also track backlinks to both yours and your competitor's websites. This information allows us to custom tailor content to meet the needs of target markets as well as improve our clients overall organic search rankings. Click here to learn more about Serpstat.

Grammarly: The “Elements of Style” of Blogging Tools!

It comes with all the basic features of grammar correction software: it fixes your typos, deletes an extra space between words and other common tasks. However, having a business or a Pro plan allows you to get passive voice misuse, redaction mistakes and a lot of syntactic corrections that you may or may not be aware that you are doing. It does wonders for your writing.
— Verified Reviewer, Capterra

Yes, I know. Elements of Style is the standard. But, having risked the wrath of having Stuart Little knocking at my door in defense of E. B. White, I have to state that writing apps are incredible because they are fast and available when you need them. Simply put, Grammarly helps my firm's writers communicate more effectively. We use Grammarly to write blog content that is clear, mistake-free, and impactful. As you enter text, Grammarly checks for hundreds of common and advanced writing errors. Checks include common grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, article use and modifier placement. In addition, Grammarly alerts you to contextual spelling errors, phonetic spelling mistakes, and irregular verb conjugations. The program also provides synonym suggestions at the click of a button to improve your writing's readability and precision.

Grammarly is our go-to tool for checking not only grammatical errors and readability but also for plagiarism, voice, and style, helping us to keep our content stylistically consistent across channels for each of our clients. Click here to learn about Grammarly.

WebTextTool: On-Page SEO and Readability Tools

WebTextTool is a tool for creating on-page search engine optimized content that uses a 1-100 numerical grading system that ensures no keyword placement or formatting opportunity is missed.

Really helped improve my organic search rankings. The best thing about WebTextTool is the ease with which you can import content, search and assign the best keywords, and get easy to follow improvements that are tracked by their 0-100 scoring system. Once you get your content close to 100, it is optimized for the keywords you selected.
— Verified Reviewer, Capterra

WebTextTool is an online SaaS that combines many different SEO tools into a single, easy to access platform. This tool allows us to optimize keywords and content while also providing us the ability to track how well our content is ranking on search engines for specific keywords.

Our goal when writing blog articles for clients is to ensure that their prospects find blogs in search and learn about home design in an informative natural way. The blog articles we write sell your firm's professionalism by educating prospects when they are researching the services you offer. With every set of articles we write, we try to outrank our client's competitors on search engine results pages for the keywords we've researched but it isn't enough to have a high PageRank, you have to provide well written targeted information. WebTextTool provides content analysis information that helps us write targeted relevant information in a voice that resonates with your prospective clients. This information includes the following.

Readability - WebTextTool calculates three readability scores for your content. The Coleman Liau Index, the Automated Readability Index, and the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease grade. This data is averaged to provide an overall readability score and categorizes the text as Elementary, High School or University level. The tool also offers suggestions for potential problem areas like difficult words, passive voice, and sentence length.

Text Credibility - Your article is scoured for adjectives and offers synonyms and an insertion rate that ensures the article is seen as believable and convincing.

Text Layout - Blog formatting is a necessary tactic for keeping readers engaged. Online readers skim blogs first and then decide whether to read them. It is also important for SEO. White space and lists help encourage readers to delve further into an article.

Target Audience - Reaching the decision maker is required when your goal is selling your services. WebTextTool will let us know if the article favors a male or female reader or if it is neutral.

Sentiment - We write articles that are either positive or neutral. We occasionally include titles that are negative in an effort to encourage click-throughs. An example of this is or recent critique of pot fillers. When we write a negative article we always offer alternative points of view or give in-depth explanations that explain our stance. WebTextTool has a check for article sentiment.

WebTextTool is a powerful tool that helps us to meet the needs of visitors to our client's website based on keyword analysis while helping us keep everything managed in a single, easy to navigate platform. Learn more about WebTextTool.

Writing useful, impactful blog articles is part art and part science. These three blogging tools help us to better target our content for our clients while making sure it is readable, grammatically correct, and optimized for both readers and the search engines. If you create your content for your business website and blog, these three blogging tools will help you to do it more effectively. They're worth checking out!

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