Track Potential Clients and Generate Leads with a Call To Action

Lead generation is usually the goal of any successful marketing campaign. Once you're online marketing campaign has visitors coming to your website, don't let them go!  There are some simple, yet necessary, things that you should be thinking about when you're talking to your audience that can bring lead generation to the next level.

Here's the situation: People love you, they look forward to what you have the say, and they share your words with others, but if your content marketing isn't tight enough to tell them what you want them to do in the end, you may just have powerful words on a beautiful page.  After you've enthralled and entertained your readers, they may forget why they're on your page in the first place.  This is why things like calls-to-action are vital to the success of your lead generation campaigns.

Want a better way to pinpoint your potential customers?  Here are a few hints to make sure you're paying attention to your clients so you can draw their attention to your company:

Contact Us.  Sound like a simple call-to-action?  You're right.  That said, you may not realize how many times you post a blog or talk about your business, and you forget these two little powerful words.  At the end of any article or page, you should offer your audience the easy ability to contact you, and in doing so, you should link to your contact page.  That ensures that traffic is driven back to your page, and your potential customers have the correct contact information. Don't forget these classic call-to-actions as well, Learn More, Get Started Now, Subscribe Now, See How It Works, Start Your Free Trial, and Sign Get Your Free Guide.

Fill Out Our Form.  If you have a business that can provide almost instant fulfillment for your audience, send them to a landing page and have them fill out a form.  If you're going this route, make sure you can instantly learn something from your potential customers.  How did they hear about you?  Why did they choose you?  What are they looking for in your product, service, property, or idea?  Forms can bring a huge ROI if you approach them correctly.

Talk to Us.  If you want to engage your customers, offer them an outlet in which to engage you in every possible form.  Chat forums are incredibly lucky, particularly when you're talking to those people that may not be able to speak on the phone to you during business hours.  If you include a chat option, ask for the name and email of your visitor to be required.  Don't use this function lightly; it's best if you don't overtly offer this option until a consumer is on your page for a few minutes, so they've had time to learn a little about you. Interested? Take a look at PureChat.

Let Us Learn More about You.  You're already asking things of your visitors by learning about their zip codes, gender, shopping preferences, and much more.  Why not utilize a tool that helps you categorize your viewers so you can learn more about them as they're clicking around on your site?  Hatchbuck offers tools such as the ability to see your who, not just how many but, the names people coming to your website.  Hatchbuck will allow you to capture information about every visitor who comes to your site and lead scoring will help you put a numeric value to these visitors so you can determine the likelihood of turning them into buyers. Take a look at Hatchbuck.