Search Engine Optimization on Squarespace Attracts Website Visitors

Squarespace Technology Automates SEO

Squarespace Technology Automates SEO

Squarespace sites come completely optimized for SEO out of the box. Think of all you can accomplish without having to do anything at all. It is one of the many reasons we use Squarespace to build websites for all of our design-build clients. That said, you still need to think through how you're using content on your site to attract the right kinds of clients, be sure to include keywords you've researched that are highly searched yet not overly competitive, add a meta description and image on the page and create a link in the first paragraph that will take the reader to another page on your website. Compelling titles are important too. Try the free headline analyzer from CoSchedule to improve headlines and increase readership. Lastly, pay attention to local search. Give MOZ Local a try. It ensures that your contact information is correct and without conflicts on all data aggregators. This helps your local search results considerably. 

You'll notice that the CEO of MOZ, the web's most respected SEO community, is quoted directly on the MOZ website:

The following is a technical summary of the built in SEO processes on a Squarespace website:

The Squarespace team has put together a remarkable platform. Every aspect of the product - user experience, featureset, SEO friendliness, design and more - all work together to create one of the few content management systems I’m proud to recommend.
— Rand Fishkin
  1. Squarespace produces pages with clean HTML markup.
  2. You have full control over the ordering of your page titles, even down to being able to create different title schemes for your homepage vs item pages and collection pages (done via General Settings).
  3. Squarespace automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml, which enumerates every single URL on your site, with proper priority, for perfect indexing even if you use a Javascript heavy template.
  4. Proper meta tags are created for all pages.
  5. Proper <link> tags are created to associated RSS feeds for your pages.
  6. We automatically generate a correct robots.txt, link your sitemap, and exclude all Squarespace service/search endpoints.
  7. Image descriptions are converted to alt tags properly.
  8. All primary pages on your Squarespace site contain clean URLs that are easily indexed and read.
  9. Squarespace generates proper rel="canonical" tags that ensure search engines are picking up the proper versions of your pages when content exists at more than one URL.
  10. Given multiple domains, Squarespace will redirect users and search engines to the right domain and use rel="canonical" to fix these references.
  11. Squarespace generates proper Facebook open graph tags that are used when your links are shared on social services.
  12. Squarespace is a paid service that aggressively fights spam. If you are using a free service that is a target for spammers, you potentially run the risk of being falsely grouped with other spam sites.

Even more, when importing from various systems, we ensure your URLs match after moving to Squarespace so that your already ranked content doesn't lose rank when you switch over. Your rank may even improve greatly, due to the items listed above. In recent months, Google has made clear that websites built using the responsive design format will be given a higher page rank than those that are not mobile enabled. All Squarespace websites are responsive design and built on the Bootstrap platform. It is yet another example of why squarespace websites are superior to wix, Weebly, Jimodo and yes even Wordpress for small business websites.