Top Ideas For Growing Construction Firm Revenue Through Marketing

Construction Firm Marketing Ideas

Construction Firm Marketing Ideas

Construction firms often struggle for lead generation ideas that can drive their business profits. There are lots of advertising opportunities out there, but most have no hope of creating a decent return. On the other hand, online marketing automation works quite well.  The key is to use a content marketing strategy that will cover the many aspects of the sales cycle - success is knowing which lead generation ideas to implement and to how to do it effectively. Marketing automation is a system that contains the analysis you need to ensure your marketing dollar does not go wasted, and you get the results that allow you to hit revenue goals. 

The Mechanics of Marketing Automation

The path in which construction, renovation and remodel leads are generated is a rather simple four step process. It is often made more complicated by shady marketing firms in their continuing goal to increase profits. The four-step process can be described as below:

  • An Offer - Designed to attract a prospect and encourage them to give up an email for valuable advice
  • Call-to-Action - No, not the Chicago Transit Authority, a CTA is a button intended to encourage action by your prospect
  • Landing Pages - A website page where details inform prospects about the offer in a more sales method
  • Contact Form - A data capture element on the landing page designed to take the prospects contact information. This is where we start learning about our prospects needs. 

Each of these steps has a critical role to play in the process of lead generation. When leads are not coming in as fast as your firm expects, it can be difficult to identify the areas that could use improvement because most forms of marketing are not entirely trackable. For lead generation to work, you need a system that will allow you to track the results. This process is a closed loop marketing automation system.

The Five Major Areas of Lead Generation

There are five key areas where construction businesses can improve their online lead generation by implementing some useful and simple lead generation ideas.

Creating a strong offer - This is by far one of the most important steps that is required by any lead generation attempt. It begins with creating a compelling subject line that will grab attention and should suggest the scarcity of the information being offered. Answer the questions your clients most frequently ask or tell your prospects what to beware of when hiring a contractor.  Each of these is the type of desired information that will encourage people to give up contact information and convert to leads.

Calls to Action - A button or visual call out that drives visitors to a landing page. CTA's need to have a strong message and be visually apparent. Place CTA's in above the fold on your website where visitors will clearly see it. Pull the emotional strings of the reader by stressing what they will receive and how it will benefit them. A/B testing the call to actions will ensure the success rate of your results.

Landing Page - A call to action should link to a practical and relevant landing page. A landing page’s headline needs to resemble closely that of the call to action and be designed so that visitors are not distracted by numerous elements such as too much content or your website's navigational bar.

An optimized lead capture form - The lead capture form is just as important as the rest of the process. Having a form that is too long or does not obtain the correct information will reduce the amount and the value of leads being generated.

Multi-channel lead generation - There is a myth that there is only one sales funnel path in lead generation. In truth, there are many channels that can generate a lead. Companies need to be prepared to utilize several channels from blogging and social media to e-mail marketing and search engine optimization to attract visitors and convert them into leads.

Conclusion - Lead generation is not a simple one-channel method where a consumer progresses from point A to point B and so forth. It takes some effort to create multiple paths that will generate an effective lead generating pathway. However, many effective lead generation ideas are simple to implement for any business that will return real value with a number quality leads.

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