Squarespace Mobile Apps Allow | Manage Your Website On The Run!

Manage your blog and ecommerce, view your analytics and jot down and share blog ideas from your phone.

Manage your blog and ecommerce, view your analytics and jot down and share blog ideas from your phone.

Squarespace is a dynamic content management system that allows you to develop and host beautiful, unique websites that are easy to maintain and are inexpensive to build. The core attributes of the platform consist of a website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service. As the platform has gotten more popular, Squarespace, as well as a few third-party developers, have released mobile apps that allow you to manage, view, edit, interact with and post content from any iOS or Android. These apps are designed to save you time and make your Squarespace website easier to use than competing systems like Wordpress. 

Mobile apps are a convenient way to track your site’s metrics, share your galleries or post your latest content from anywhere on the planet! Let’s look at four apps that can help you to keep your website current, develop new content, and keep track of your metrics from the road.

1. Squarespace Commerce App

If your e-commerce website is built on Squarespace, this is a perfect app to manage your store while away from your computer. If you store or ship items away from your office, the Commerce app allows you to scan shipping labels, fulfill orders, manage product and contact customers from your iOS or Android device. You can mark orders as fulfilled, scan tracking numbers directly from shipping labels, access customer data including order details, issue a refund or cancel an order, and update stock levels directly from your device.

2. Squarespace Note

This is an app that works whether or not you have a Squarespace account. To maximize SEO opportunities, you need to publish new blog articles regularly. More keyword-rich content equals more website traffic and if well written with a marketing intent, blog articles will grow your business. Note helps you to develop content when the idea strikes! Note is a scratchpad for recording ideas on the go. The difference is that Note is “gesture” based as opposed to using buttons to navigate and save data. Using simple, limited gestures, Note allows you to save, edit and delete notes. Data is stored locally on the device and can be exported to email, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote. It’s a simple and elegant interface that you can use to jot quickly down ideas or social media posts and with a gesture, have them directly saved to your storage medium of choice.

3. Squarespace Blog App

This app allows you to experience the power of Squarespace on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. It provides all of the tools you need to write, edit and post content from anywhere. The interface is simple, elegant and thorough allowing you to create quickly and edit posts, layout photos, format content and create links without knowing HTML. You can save drafts and queue posts; tag items even engage your readers with Comment Management. Moderate discussions with readers, edit and reply to comments directly from the app immediately engaging with your readers and building authority and trust. 

4. Squarespace Metrics App

To grow your business, you need to be constantly aware of how your website is performing. Metrics allows you to monitor key performance indicators in near real time. You can connect your social accounts and track where traffic is coming from and what content is being engaged. Metrics are displayed as a “grid of tiles.” You can expand and interact with any tile in the grid, or view multiple KPIs simultaneously. A new “auto-play” feature allows you to use the app as a standalone display that updates automatically allowing you to track engagement as it happens.

Squarespace is a powerful website development tool and hosting platform. These mobile apps allow you to manage your business whether you’re on the road selling, or on the beach relaxing. Now, you can take your business anywhere, stay connected, engage with your customers and watch your business grow, in real time!

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