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NHBR Interviews Michael Conway on Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing in New Hampshire

A recent article in New Hampshire Business Review took a look at the newest marketing strategies from the perspective of several industry leaders in the state including, Means-of-Production. As those of you who read our blog know, marketing has shifted, and leading companies are actively developing new strategies to target better potential consumers for clients across various business sectors. Beth Lamontagne Hall, the author of the article, interviewed me, Michael Conway on our success using inbound marketing for our built environment clients.

synopsis of the article in The NH Business Review

Inbound marketing uses a very different approach than traditional mediums like print, radio or TV. As businesses have come to rely more upon the web to drive leads, sales, and customers, new strategies like blogging, content marketing, and email marketing have emerged. Several New Hampshire agencies, including Means-of-Production are leading the way.

The Art Of Developing Trust

The old marketing method of hard sell positioning is almost over. While there’s still a place for “salesy” language, today’s consumer has become much savvier and informed. Inbound marketing also knows as content marketing, has changed the marketing landscape in just a few short years. Inbound marketing uses a suite of web-based tools and strategies, from social media to email as a way to educate, inform and entertain readers seeking specific information when preparing to make a purchase. By providing relevant, targeted information, consumers can “find” a company’s website.

Think about your journey as a consumer. If for example, you are buying a new stove. Most likely your research began online. You probably visited big box store websites, compared prices, perhaps visited a couple of local dealers and before you went out to make your purchase, narrowed your search to a couple of choices and then searched online where you found reviews, and practical, useful information that helped you to reach your buying decision.

This is the beauty of inbound marketing. Maybe you came across a blog post for a local retailer where you found information on “The Top 5 Gas Stoves for 2015.” This retailer provided you free, informed and relevant information to help guide your buying journey. This builds trust and most likely drove the consumer to make a purchase, often from the local retailer whose website provided the free and useful information.

The New Sales Paradigm Shift

New Hampshire’s leading agencies like Means-of-Production understand this shift and are positioning clients to benefit from this new strategy. Means-of-Production CEO Michael Conway makes inbound a primary focus for his clients, which are largely in the construction, architecture, and interior design industries. Industries with strong ties to traditional marketing strategies like print media.

Conway helps his clients establish trust and leadership online by publishing valuable information and answering typical questions they might have about building a new home, designing a kitchen, or investing in a new heating system.

One client, a New Hampshire-based well drilling company, increased their website visitors from 120 per month to 22,000 per month over a three-year timeframe mostly by posting informative articles twice a week that answered questions about common local water problems. While a blog about wells and water might not sound like interesting reading, if you’ve got brown gunk coming out of your faucet, it’s relevant and useful. Conway explained:

“ All the statistics I’ve ever read show that blogging and email marketing have a higher return on investment that anything else.” He continued, “Advertising is great for big brands and small items where top-of-mind advertising gets people to buy things. Inbound works well for things where people need to think about it, like a big purchase.”

Agencies have embraced inbound marketing, and their clients understand that the Internet provides lasting presence. As Means-of-Production founding member, Michael Conway tells his clients, “when you put information online, it’s always there and always generating leads for you.”