Lead Nurturing Is Like Falling In Love! A Marketing Analogy

Marketing is like falling in love!

Marketing is like falling in love!

Like any good relationship, lead generation takes nurturing and an understanding of your partner’s needs – or in this case, your clients’ buying process.

Marketing data shows that investing the time to nurture leads brings in more business. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost. While 79 percent of marketing leads never convert into sales, lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance.

Remember that clients are out there looking for you, so they way you present your firm to the public is important. Just as heading out in sweatpants or your Members Only jacket from 1982 – probably won’t get you many looks at the Starbucks, having a messy, hard to use or outdated website sends potential customers the wrong message. Make sure people like what they see when your site shows up in their search results. Having an interesting blog that has been updated recently, provides useful information and has an offer to learn a bit more about you on a video or in an eBook, Tip Sheet or white paper, shows you are professional and have the expertise they are looking for. 

When you talk or email with a potential client for the first time, think of it as a first date. Is he/she looking for a comfy living room build-out or a kitchen redesign with cutting-edge flooring? Then give potential clients a way to get to know your services better and show you have the solution they are looking for. Point them to a free webinar on your website, a product spec sheet or provide a link to your portfolio.

If all goes well, it’s time for a few follow-up dates - personalized emails targeted to the potential client. Include information about your company that will educate, not just sell to them. Relevant emails drive 18 percent more revenue than broadcast emails. Timing these emails is also important. If a date went well, but you don’t get a call for over a month, you might start thinking He’s Just Not That Into You. Don’t let potential clients feel the same.

Once a prospect knows you have what they’re looking for, they’re still going to look around before getting too serious. If a potential customer shows they are close to settling down, offer a consultation. Provide a demonstration or a proposal of services and an estimate.

Finally, remember that while you are eager to start a long-term relationship with a new customer, no one wants to feel rushed into a commitment. If it takes your leads about a month to make a purchasing decision, make sure you are spreading out your communications to keep them engaged throughout their decision. This will save you time because you educate the potential client over time.

Nurturing your leads means making a good impression, keeping quality contact with a potential client and offering them the information they need. If you put in the time a do it well, it improves your chances of a starting a long relationship with a new customer.