Landscape Design and Inbound Marketing With Hatchbuck Software

Hatchbuck Automated Marketing For Landscape Firms

Hatchbuck Automated Marketing For Landscape Firms

Online marketing helps your landscape design firm to remain top of mind with prospective customers at all time. Your website, blog and other inbound marketing techniques like social media, SEO and email marketing can be converting and nurturing prospects while you take care of your day to day business responsibilities.

As you grow your business with new online outreach techniques, you also need to allow for the staff time and resources to manage your efforts. This is where many small businesses fail. Fortunately, the advantage of digital marketing is that many tasks can be automated.

There are software options that can accomplish day to day marketing tasks, whether you are publishing blog articles with an email list, posting to social media platforms, or handling a prospect from an initial conversion through a contract request with emails. Marketing automation can keep a prospect engaged with your firm up until it's time to initiate personal contact and close the sale.

Marketing Automation

As your inbound marketing begins to generate steady traffic, converting visitors into leads and building your prospect lists, it's time to consider automating your efforts. Successful inbound marketing consists of many repetitive tasks that can take staff time and resources away from your core business initiatives. There are many stand-alone and web-based tools that can help you to automate much of the process. One of the best web-based platforms for getting your efforts organized and automated in Hatchbuck.

What Is Hatchbuck Automated Marketing?

Hatchbuck is a web-based suite of tools, including a small business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, a drag and drop email design tool, a marketing automation element, and deep analytics. It is an all in one marketing software that allows you to capture your prospects information and begin an inbound marketing process when they complete a conversion form. This information is then incorporated into a Hatchbuck CRM profile.

Using the drag and drop email design tool, you can create a series of effectively designed outreach emails which can then be scheduled, targeted and sent to your prospects to nurture them through your sales process. Creative email design is easy allowing you to both encourage engagement and to better understand what messaging is accomplishing goals.

Hatchbuck also offers deep analytics. Leads are often not ready to buy when they first engage with your company. Hatchbuck offers an analytics and notification system that can keep you abreast of your prospects actions, like how, when and what your prospects are engaging with your website and the emails you send. If a prospect exhibits a buying behavior like clicking a specific link or visiting a conversion page on your site you'll be notified so that you can contact them with specific knowledge about what service they are interested in.

Close More Sales and Find Better Clients With Hatchbuck

The true power of Hatchbuck lies in its all-in-one platform for gathering and managing contacts, creating strong, effective email pieces, and automating their delivery. The Hatchbuck dashboard allows you to accurately track a prospect's actions to determine where they are in the lead nurturing process. Hatchbuck uses an “intelligent” algorithm to score your contacts based on their actions and engagement with your efforts. Each contact is awarded a score indicating their level of interest and the probability of making a sale. 

Clicking on a contact in your CRM gives you not only this information but also tracks any communication you have had. You can store a vast amount of information in each profile that can help you to better target your message, personalizing your contact to meet their needs. You can group contacts, specify the type of emails they receive, for example, whether they're lead-nurturing emails or sales specific, and you can then receive weekly email updates on your “hot” prospects.

This is only the beginning of the functionality of Hatchbuck. The interface and dashboard are clean, clear and intuitive, and the underlying functionality is impressively advanced. If you are ready to automate your landscape design firm's  lead nurturing and sales efforts, Hatchbuck is a great way to conduct content marketing with an affordable inbound marketing software.

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