How to use Eventbrite For Business Event Marketing

Eventbrite is more than a ticketing and reservation system for events. It is an under used social media and marketing resource that can help Architects, Interior Designers and Design Build Contractors increase business. New building dedications, groundbreaking ceremonies and open house events can be a lead generation source when you use Eventbrite to promote events.

Eventbrite seamlessly links to social media platforms allowing you to promote your event exponentially. The stats for social commerce paint a complete picture of the opportunities you may be missing.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

If you have yet to bring your company to the Internet, it’s time. Social media is changing the way business happens. Accurately measuring social media’s effect on a company’s bottom line has been pretty elusive, until now. Eventbrite has unveiled the first tangible data that quantifies the effects of social media in driving e-commerce. 

Social Commerce: A "First Look at the Numbers" tracks a new set of metrics that measures social media’s impact and success in real dollar terms.

Events are social. People buy tickets and want to share that news with friends. Social media fuels the conversation and communities develop around events. Eventbrite has developed a simple web-based way to publish events and sell tickets. Deeply integrating the experience across the major social networks and developing analytics that can show social media's reach, Eventbrite’s analytic tools can help organizers and attendees to drive social traffic and turn events into truly social experiences.

Sharing events with friends on your social network translates into real dollars and Eventbrite has found a way to quantify the data. Their approach charts social engagement by overlapping social graphing data for various sites. Their recent data shows that one share on Facebook, for example equals $2.52, while a share on Twitter is worth $.53. The social graph breeds deeper engagement and greater sales. One interesting fact is that sharing percentages are consistent whether an event has 10 or 10,000 ticket sales.

Social Commerce is real, and it’s here to stay. It brings together social promotion and transactions into a single unified experience.

Event Sharing:  All Events Are Not Created Equally

Eventbrite is not just for promoting and sharing entertainment events like concerts. While they have found that shares are most valuable for music events (averaging approx $12.00 per share) networking events had the highest number of shares, followed by business events, conferences, and seminars.

More businesses like Architects, Interior Designers and Design Build Contractors are beginning to turn to Eventbrite to market their new building dedications, groundbreaking ceremonies, even open houses. Because Eventbrite links various social media platforms seamlessly, businesses are able to market across networks to exponentially increase their reach. Through Eventbrite, lists of attendees can be marketed to directly, using techniques like lead nurturing. Eventbrite can help you turn guests from prospects into qualified leads.

Creating an Event On Eventbrite

Setting up a free event on Eventbrite doesn’t cost a dime! This makes it ideal for promoting events like business seminars, open houses or new building dedications. Setting up an event is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

• First, sign on and create an event. Include all of your information like the title, venue address, day and time. You can even specify if this is a recurring or one-time event.

• Upload a logo – Logos should be JPG, GIF or PNG and no larger than 2MB.

• Add a description – Write a brief description of your event. You can also add an FAQ section. Eventbrite offers suggestions for your FAQ.

• Add organizer information – This is a perfect opportunity to add some pertinent information about what you do. You can also link to your social pages like Facebook and Twitter from here.

• Create Tickets – Next, create downloadable tickets for your event. You can specify a quantity of tickets available and determine the number of tickets per person.

• Promote your event – The final step is to send out invites and promote your event. You can make your event public or keep it private by invitation only. If you are offering a select number of tickets, you can even show the number remaining directly on your event-listing page.

Eventbrite then gives you the option of choosing from a variety of page templates for customizing the look of your event page. 

As more businesses become aware of Eventbrite and all of the options it offers, it’s becoming a strong and viable social media marketing platform for promoting all types of events. The fact that you can promote your event across all of the major social networks from one location and then access in-depth analytics to chart your success is unique. Eventbrite is definitely a winner! Give Eventbrite a try for your next event!

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