How HitTail Helps Search Engine Optimization with Keyword Suggestions

HitTail is a must have blog writing and SEO tool.

HitTail is a must have blog writing and SEO tool.

If You're In a Competitive Home Improvement Market, Everyday is a Fight To Be Found Online For The Services You Offer. HitTail Can Help You Win the SEO Battle.

Even as SEO continues to adapt and expand to changes in the Google search algorithm, keywords remain critical to organic search. It’s true that aspects like mobile compatibility now play a role in your ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). If your site looks terrible on an iPhone, your SERP ranking will suffer. Additionally, social media posts, pins, retweets, and forwards can play a substantial role in boosting your site up the SERPs, with every social media reaction serving as a human vote for your content. Search engines are taking advantage of the millions of social media users that double as human “editors” for Web content. But search is still a word-based process, and keywords aren’t disappearing anytime soon. That means that, if you write your blog or manage content on your website, you need to maximize your connection to the keywords searchers are using to find your business or your content.

By late 2014, HitTail was able to claim that it had analyzed more than 1.2 billion keywords, with more added to the list every second. This has served as the core research database for HitTail services, which are leading the industry in their ability to help you improve your organic search traffic. In short, HitTail delivers SEOs, marketers, and eCommerce site managers the best keywords for organic site traffic based on real-time data. This service was once the domain of search engines like Google, but now Google (through its AdWords platform) and others have stopped providing some of the most critical keywords being used to access your site. Instead of a list of the all-important keywords you need to grow your business, you may be seeing more and more “Not provided” responses from your search engines.

This, of course, is a problem. HitTail can help you recover the information behind the “Not provided” list items. It’s how to recover vital elements of your SEO and restore efficiency to your digital marketing practices. After all, how do you craft an inbound marketing strategy if you don’t know the keywords to target? To do so would be to turn back the clock, from metrics to intuition. And as every SEO expert knows, that’s no solution—it creates a marketing strategy that relies more on luck than mathematics.

With HitTail, you get all Google keywords imported to your system on a daily or weekly basis. This returns to the power of digital marketing to your office and your site. Your marketing staff will thank you, and HitTail guarantees an increase in your organic search traffic.

HitTail is More Than Just a List of Keywords

Reporting the mission-critical keywords for your website is just one offering of HitTail. HitTail also shows you the keywords with the highest potential for your business. This isn’t a simple process: HitTail has a proprietary algorithm that analyzes its growing list of more than a billion keywords to provide you with the best possible keyword solutions.

This hits on one of the most valuable elements for website owners: your web traffic. Your web traffic gives you intimate knowledge of how customers have historically come into contact with your brand, what makes them likely to buy, and how to expand your reach. With HitTail, you maximize the value of this in-house asset.

Best of all, HitTail aims to increase your organic traffic. While pay-per-click strategies are useful for some businesses, especially larger companies, improving your organic traffic is “free” advertising. Improving your organic traffic with enhancements to your SEO is an investment with long-term dividends.

Long Tail Keyword Phrases Are Your Golden Ticket

There are many reasons to love the long tail. It better connects purchase-ready visitors with your site and also lowers the competitiveness of search traffic. What it may not achieve in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. This is in comparison to head and body keywords. If you sell furniture through your interior design business, a head keyword might be “couch,” while a body keyword might be “blue couch.” The sought-after long tail could be something along the lines of “Buy French Country blue couch.”

With HitTail, you always have access to a clear visual of your keyword traffic and the role of long tail versus head or body keywords. Often, long-tail traffic comprises a critical 80 percent of all search visitors. Being able to monitor your long-tail efforts gives you the most valuable keyword data in a way that your entire staff can interpret and respond to with alternations to your digital marketing campaign. If an investment in SEO is a great long-term strategy, investment in your long tail is an even more focused and profitable venture.

A Quick Review of HitTail

HiTTail is based in Fresno, California, and launched in 2006. The Numa Group acquired HitTail in 2011. The company now includes more than 40,000 registered users across some 50,000 domains, with the primary goal of helping bloggers and webmasters improve their organic search. While HitTail pricing plans start at less than $10 per month, you must have at least 1,500 unique visitors for HitTail to work; if you’re just starting up, you may not be priced out of the HitTail market, but you may be “trafficked” out of it, at least for now.

Just because Google changed, their AdWords platform doesn’t mean you need to give up on your SEO goals. Google’s primary interest is in providing searchers with the best organic results (and, of course, generating revenue for their own $400 billion company). There are powerful tools available, like HitTail, that allow you to get back the information that is so relevant to your business. Take advantage of a service that can give you powerful, organic search rankings to grow your business sustainably. It’s a white hat SEO practice that, increasingly, you can’t operate efficiently without.

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