How To Optimize Your Home Improvement Firms Google Business Page

Setting up a Google Business Page

How To Set Up Your Google Business Page

Your Google Business Page is critical to the success of your business if you hope to attract local prospects. Learn how to set it up correctly.

Google is the dominant online search engine with almost 5 million searches conducted every single day. That's why it's crucial to make sure your local business information is listed accurately. Luckily, Google puts you in control of your information so you can actively manage your Google presence.

Creating a Google My Business page is a big factor in whether you'll rank in local search results. With no presence, you'll most likely not even show up on SERP pages because you'll be beaten by other local businesses that have a page. Also, if you don't claim your page, inaccurate results and information may appear, or worse, no information at all.

For example, if you search for "interior design nyc", Google returns three interior design firms and includes ratings, category, address, hours of operation, a description, web address and directions for each result. All of this information comes from their Google Business pages.

Contact information shows up when someone searches for your business, or your type of business, on Google. Having an accurate and complete profile with images and reviews will help your business appear more robust on the results page. It will also increase your chances of being listed on the user's search engine results page.

There are three places that your Google Business page can show on Google:

Google's Sidebar

Also called the knowledge panel, your listing can appear here if the searches target a business by its name. If you don't have a Google Business page, you're missing an opportunity for some prime real estate on the SERP. The same info is listed on mobile devices, but the bar is at the top of the screen, not the side.

Local Results

Local search results show three businesses that are near the location used in the search. Your information shows when someone searches a term relevant to your business. Results will also show on mobile devices.

Google Maps

Your business information also shows when someone searches for your type of business using Google Maps. This is important to note because if you have not claimed your business page and listed a category to describe your business, Google will have a hard time knowing that your business matches the search parameters. Google will do its best to make sure that the information on your business page is accurate.

If someone is searching for a type of business using Google on their phone, they may be looking for a nearby business to visit at that moment. For this reason alone you want to keep your Google Business page information accurate. This can help customers find your business and give you a leg up on competitors.

Your Google business page determines how and where your information will show in Google results. Since you have control over this information, you should make sure it is accurate and complete. If you don't Google will try to determine your location and other information. But remember, Google is not foolproof, so by not claiming your page and verifying your information there is a risk that inaccurate information will appear about your business.

Complete and Optimize Your Google Business Page

Completing your Google Business page is the best way to make sure you will be found during local searches for businesses like yours. That's why it's important to make sure that you provide as much relevant information as possible. Here are a few items that when included, can help you to optimize your business page.

Complete Your Page – Enter All of Your Information

Local search results favor relevance so businesses that complete their page with accurate information are more likely to match with the right searches. Make sure that you've entered correct business information so customers know what you do, where you do it, and when they can stop by.Make sure you provide telephone, physical address, and choose an accurate category. Make sure to regularly update this information when something changes. Learn how to edit business information.

Verify Your Location(s)

Verify your locations to give them the best opportunity to appear in all Google products like Maps and Search. Most businesses verify by postcard. But some businesses can be verified via email, phone, or Search Console. Learn about verification.

Make Sure You List Hours Accurately

Keep your hours accurately listed. If you have special hours or operate by appointment as well, let your potential customers know. This gives them the confidence that when they travel to your location, you'll be available.

Manage Your Reviews

Just like on Houzz, engaging with customers is looked upon very favorably by Google. Interact and engage by responding to reviews that they leave your business. Engaging shows that you value your customers and their opinions. High-quality positive reviews improve your business's visibility and increase the chances others will visit your business. Encourage visitors to review your business by providing them a link. Learn more.

Add Images

Adding photos to your business can show potential customers your products and services and can help to personalize your business and tell your story. Accurate and attractive photos can also show potential companies that you offer what they are searching for. Learn more.

How Local Ranking is Determined By Google

Google bases local rankings on three primary criteria; relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors a combined to best match a search inquiry. For example, Google may decide that a business that is farther away for your location is more likely to have the item you're looking for over a business that is closer and will rank it higher in local results.


How close your business matches a user search is how Google determines relevance. Adding complete and detailed information can better help Google to understand your business and match it to search queries more accurately.


How far the searcher is from your physical location. If the search doesn't specify a location, Google will calculate distance based on what is known about your business location. This is why it's important to verify your location information.


Prominence refers to how well your business is known. Some are very prominent in the offline world, for example, museums, boutique hotels, and well known retail stores. If it's familiar to many people, it will most likely appear prominently in local search results.

Google will also assign prominence based on your online presence. Your website, links, articles, blogs, and directories are reviewed/. Google reviews are also factored into your ultimate search score. More reviews and positive ratings will most likely improve your ranking.Your position in web results also factors in as do SEO best practices.

There is no way to request or pay for a higher ranking and Google keeps the details of their search algorithm confidential to keep rankings fair. The best way to ensure high placement is to follow best practices, complete your page, keep your information accurate, and frequently update your Google Business page information.

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