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Learn about automated email marketing of your blog articles.

Learn about automated email marketing of your blog articles.

Your design build firm's website is often the first contact you'll have with prospective clients and should be the hub of all of your online marketing efforts. Your overall inbound strategy should include elements other than your website, like social media, pay-per-click advertising, email and blogging, and each of these elements should have a unifying message and direct all traffic back to your site.

Blogging can improve your SEO efforts and is an excellent way to engage one-on-one with potential clients to help guide them through their buying process. Your blog is a great way to share relevant information, give your company a “human” voice, and tell your readers who you are, what you do, and why your company is the perfect choice for their next project by sharing information and building trust.

Search engines love relevant, keyword rich content and they use that content to help determine your search engine ranking. While your website is the hub of your online marketing, your blog is its heart. Blogging drives social media engagement, informs and educates your customers, allows you to share your knowledge and expertise, and helps create a two way conversation with your readers. Imagine if you could leverage this power and deliver your content directly to your readers inbox. Today, automated, personalized email can turbocharge your efforts. 

Let's look at how using your Squarespace blog, newsletter blocks and automated email through MailChimp can increase your readership, drive traffic, increase the quality and quantity of leads, and close more sales!

Squarespace and MailChimp; Elegance and Power!

Squarespace is a website hosting platform that uses templates and drag and drop functionality to allow you to easily create a professional looking design build website with little to no design experience. You can use photography, graphics and text to tell your story, set up photo galleries to show a portfolio of your work, and create a blog to help drive traffic and establish authority for your site with the search engines.

MailChimp is a powerful email, content creation and management platform that allows you total control over your contact lists and also uses template based technology to create stunning newsletters that can be automatically sent to your contacts. Individually, blogging on Squarespace and MailChimp are powerful tools that can drive traffic to your website. The real power comes from linking these tools to turbocharge your efforts by employing marketing automation.

A beautifully designed and targeted email can be an effective way to stay in touch with customers and drive traffic. The problem with many email campaigns is either bad design, or poor contact management. By linking your Squarespace blog with a MailChimp account, you'll be creating beautifully designed emails that can be targeted effectively, thanks to the power of MailChimp.

Linking Accounts

Squarespace uses a tool called “newsletter blocks” to allow you to easily create a subscription form on your blog posts. Squarespace does not store this information so you'll need to assign a storage option. This is where MailChimp comes in. You can have your newsletter blocks store your information directly to MailChimp and set your email options to automatically update your subscribers each time you post new content. 

Linking Squarespace and MailChimp can provide you with a simple marketing automation system that allows you to maintain regular contact with your subscribers to keep your design build firm top of mind. By creating an ongoing dialog and helping to guide your readers through their buying process, you can build trust and increase sales. 

By creating multiple newsletter blocks and linking them to specific MailChimp lists, you can personalize as well as automate your email outreach. For example, you can create one list for customers interested in kitchen remodeling, and another for customers interested in adding an addition to their home. You can then send relevant, targeted information to your readers to meet their specific needs.

By building a strong subscriber base using your blog, and linking your posts to MailChimp, it becomes easier to organize, target and automate your email outreach. Together, Squarespace and MailChimp can help you build an effective inbound marketing strategy!