How to Effectively Market Luxury Real Estate with Style!

Squarespace Websites Make it Easy to Market Luxury Real Estate

A Squarespace Website And Content Marketing For Luxury Real Estate Sales

Want to know a secret about advertising and traditional marketing? It's mostly ineffective. Direct mail, for instance, has only ever had an average response rate of 1.8%. If you were very lucky, your direct mail might attract qualified leads. The sale and marketing of luxury real estate are driven by relationships. So how do you attract the right kind of prospects, strangers really, encourage them to initiate a conversation and convert them into buyers or sellers? Inbound or closed loop marketing is designed to help form these relationships and has a much more satisfactory rate of return than most marketing and advertising tactics. There are cases where closed loop marketing response rates surpass 30%. It just makes sense that when selling high-dollar items with a long sales cycle you should allocate part of your marketing budget to inbound marketing techniques. Luxury real estate marketing takes the kind of tact and relationship building that can only be done by attracting the right clientèle. Inbound marketing should be a key tactic used for building relationships and closing more sales this year.

There are four steps to the inbound strategy that your luxury real estate marketing needs to take. Each one of these is important, allowing you to funnel the appropriate leads through the buyer's journey and turn them into a sale.

Attract Qualified Strangers to your Website

Chicago Luxury Real EstateFirst you must attract the right potential clients with keyword rich written content that is searchable online. At the beginning of this stage, the consumer is likely to be a stranger to your business and their introduction will be via a Google search or Twitter hashtags for something that interests them.

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It should be noted that on average, the online vox populi spend 41% of their time conducting searches and reading content that answers a particular question. Demonstrate your expertise and create articles and social media posts that provide great answers to frequently asked questions or trending neighborhood topics such as ‘In Chicagoland, Hinsdale market’s red-hot performance continues for homes in the $3 million dollar price range ...”.

Once you have attracted potential clients to your website, they become visitors, and you need to convert them into leads.

Convert Visitors On Your Website With Call To Action and Landing Page:

With the use of call to actions and forms that are attached to landing pages or blog posts, you can collect user details to create leads.

Create a Call To Action

A call to action is a particular piece of text or button that compels the reader to take an action. An example would be asking the visitor to download an e-book about the most desired house locations. There are certain methods in which you can improve the rate of your call to action, such as making sure you name what they will receive rather than what they have to do and giving a sense that time is lacking.

Use A Form For Lead Capture

A Squarespace form block is a simple data collection tool that someone must complete to gain access to something (e.g. white paper, e-book, newsletter). This is often used in conjunction with a call to action.

Build a Landing Page Using A Squarespace Cover Page

A landing page is a particular type of website page, one that trades valuable advice and recommendation in exchange for a prospect's contact information. Typically a call to action or a form is at the bottom of the page to encourage the reader to take the next step.

Close Leads Through Relationship Building Email Marketing:

Once you have collected their data, you have to close the deal. This can be done through a series of emails that are related to the particular actions that the lead may have taken. For instance, if they downloaded a guide on the best luxury homes in a certain neighborhood - sending an email about the ‘hottest properties to enter the market in that area’ is likely to grab their attention. Remember, this is to be written with a subject line and in a voice that will encourage opens. If it feels spammy, it will turn off your audience.

It will take several emails to convince them to contact you. Today's email service providers have robust, automatic software systems, designed to help segment your mailing list based on the contact’s actions. Why is this helpful? You can create a narrative set of emails intended to build the all important relationship. 

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Give New Clients Information That's Interesting and Encourages Promotion:

Once prospects become clients, it is important to enchant your customers by engaging them in the sale. If they are happy with their new home, you are their new best friend. The best marketing has always been the word of mouth so use an inbound strategy and give your clients information they can share that promotes you. Create a portfolio of high-quality photographs and make it available behind a login on your website for those clients that would like to share them with friends. People trust the recommendation of their peers more than any marketing content. Through the use of social media, blogging and email newsletters, you can encourage your clients to spread the news of their experience with your service to their peers.

Remember, using a call to action that drives website visitors to landing pages will also encourage the spread of your brand.  Buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market want to know that you have the gravitas to represent them and their home through this process. Call to action buttons can drive prospects to landing pages that illustrate your capabilities and demonstrate your savvy. 

With these steps, you can see an improvement on your marketing investments, with an improved rate of response and a higher quality of leads being generated that will convert into sales.

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