How Residential Builders Attract Clients by Providing Advice

Giving Prospective Clients Information on your Services will attract moer business.

Giving Prospective Clients Information on your Services will attract moer business.

Have you ever considered how prospects search for and evaluate the services of residential contractors? Referrals are most often stated as the way renovations and new construction projects are sold, but referrals are only part of the story. When is the last time you made a high dollar purchase without conducting some form of online research? Prospects will be visiting your website or Houzz page to learn what you have to offer and if you are relying on anything other than written content and search engines, you are leaving your marketing to chance.

Construction clients will initially ask those they trust like family, friends, and neighbors; but the next step in their search for a builder is to conduct a Google search online. Construction prospects may even sign up for Angie's List where they can get details on professional and well reviewed residential contractors quickly. However, they go about it; it is highly likely that at some point in the process people seeking builder services will end up on a website.

Your website is your best chance to prove your professionalism and allow potential clients to vet your company. Nothing sells prospective clients more than being helpful and answering their frequently asked questions. Design a page on your website that contains all the following information and you will see that your potential clients will be assured that you are a highly, professionally run company.

Frequently Asked Questions Homeowners Ask Builders

Contact and Communication Details: Having a method to contact their residential contractors in an emergency is vitally important for clients. Therefore having a permanent address, telephone, fax, e-mail address and cell phone number is an important piece of information to offer.

How Will Your Communication Progress: Communication with clients is an important part of running any project, and different clients will want to be contacted in different ways. Highlight your methods of communication to make them feel comfortable and avoid the clients getting any surprises during the project. 
Insurance Details: Nothing can go right all the time, and having the guarantee that you have insurance in place will go a long way with your potential clients. Perhaps uploading copies of the insurance certificates is a good start.

Operating Details: Clients like to know that you have been working in an area for a prolonged period, especially under a particular name. A company that has been operating for a long time suggests stability. You can also contain details of partnerships with independent trade conductors to demonstrate that projects you work on are likely to run smoothly.

A Photography Gallery of Previous Work: Place an image gallery on your website that has details of previous projects that you've completed and include reviews from the clients. This will show that you've completed projects to a high degree of satisfaction. Why else would they provide a positive review? Include a variety of different types of projects that you've worked on.  People will look for projects that are similar to their own. So, consider placing details on the site that include specific long tail keywords and descriptions that will attract prospective clients. Here are a few examples to consider include, Historic Colonial Restoration, Chicago, Mid-Century Modern Home Addition, Great Room, Multi-Family Conversion and Renovation, Kitchen and Bath Remodel, High Rise Condominium, Exterior Room with Fireplace and Landscape Design
Remember that Google can't see pictures so having photographs of a project is an excellent addition but don't forget to include a description of the project on every image you post on your website. This also goes for your Houzz portfolio as well. You do have a Houzz portfolio don't you?

Show That You Follow Best Practices: Those that do follow the best practices might not have considered this one. However having it in writing on your website should be a priority. People want to know that their residential contractors are regulated and that you have the correct procedures in place. It conveys the right message - that you are a professional that has a limited number of complications or accidents.
It might also be pertinent to contain any memberships to professional organizations such as NAHBR, NHAB, CAPS (and the rest of the alphabet soup). Write blogs about those regularly attend any trade shows as well. This will demonstrate your willingness to stay up to date with the latest trends and regulations.

There are many other items that you may wish to include on a website, including any professional designations that you may have, whether you offer a warranty or if you obtain the building permits. The more information that you provide, the more successful your website will be in generating possible leads and converting visitors into new clients.

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