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Use YouTube and Pass the SEO Benefits to Google| Use Wistia and Benefit Your Website

Use YouTube and Pass the SEO Benefits to Google| Use Wistia and Benefit Your Website

Why should you host your home improvement videos on Wistia when YouTube is free? In a nutshell, Wistia’s expert advice, analytics, and SEO solutions enable you to market with intent, avoid YouTube advertising and create niche marketing videos that target a list segmented audience of prospects and current customers. Wistia provides hosting that's structured to grow with your business and give you tools that help you know if your efforts are returning leads and sales. And Wistia's video SEO tools help you move into a "search engine rank page" or SERP position that is the envy of every director of marketing or video producer. If your home improvement services are hard to find online, or they're high priced and have a long sales cycle, video as part of a content marketing strategy will help you close sales more quickly. Or, conversely, profit margins will be affected by a lack of online visibility. Increase your odds and build a more personal connection that encourages lead generation with video.

Here are some of the tactical reasons we host with Wistia,

  • You can embed videos without plugins or codes
  • Wistia provides visual elements that augment your brand recognition. Changing the color of the frame as an example. 
  • The embed ensures video views happen on your site. Having onsite viewers is better than taking them to YouTube. 
  • Wistia sitemaps are SEO friendly, help extended audience reach and improve prospects for increased sales.
  • Flash and HTML5 is encoded at multiple resolutions and made for video SEO in mind.
  • Secure servers; Wistia is a monitored site 24 hours a day.
  • Wistia does not promote your competitor's advertising on your site. 
  • Pay only for the bandwidth you need
  • Segment your audience and attract them to learn more with call-to-actions on the video
  • Analyze how your video is being received.. Do they rewind? Are they watching all of it? Do they share the video?
  • Completely customizable. Whatever your requirements there is a package to suit your video packaging needs
  • An easy to use interface, flexible and cost effective
  • Promote your video with social media share buttons and extend the reach of your brand presence
  • Domain analysis, content keyword reviews, competitor research and search engines submissions to improve video SEO rankings
  • Views tracked, and your marketing video effectiveness is easily analyzed
  • You can use Wistia for Free!

This is only a small portion of the number of features Wistia provides to encourage the success of marketing videos. Wistia provides targeted, cost-effective video hosting that promote your brand without forcing your prospects to endure the advertising of other company products. Promote your brand and with the best data analysis tools possible.

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