How a Logo Redesign Can Be A Sales Tool For Builders and Remodelers

Logo Design For Home Improvement Companies

The right logo can increase sales and attract better, more profitable clients. A professionally designed logo can cause your construction, remodel or design-build firm to be remembered when prospects are researching the services you offer online. A logo and a website are stand-ins during that period before a prospective client seeks any human interaction. Just so we are clear, the average number of interactions with your website, advertising, Facebook page, Houzz profile, emails, etc... is thirty (30) before a prospect decides to call or email you. Think of your logo as the clothes you wear when meeting with a prospect and your website as what you would say.  Like a tailored jacket or a fabulous dress, the best logos are mnemonics that cause people to remember you. My favorite advertising mnemonic is "My baloney has a first name it's __ __ __ __ __! The trick is to use mnemonics in subtle, tasteful ways.  Mnemonics are  They should be less like over the top discount furniture ad's and more like Target's advertising - clever, descriptive and memorable. It is important that your firm comes to mind when a prospect begins to consider a new project. The early research stage is where expectations and a design aesthetic is often set.  

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A professional, memorable log will result in higher sales and greater profits. It is said that great design is in the eye of the beholder. To be frank, that's bullshit. Great logo design is not art, it's marketing, and the goal of all marketing is to increase leads and grow sales. Following some basic principles and processes when overseeing the redesign of your company logo can help you to establish your brand identity and communicate your business philosophy and work.

How To Design A Logo

Visual mnemonics get the best recall: 87 percent (of people surveyed) associated the swoosh with Nike. Visual mnemonics may be the best bet from the long term and short term point of view as they are more enduring, irrespective of media budgets. Richa Arora, vice president, Cogito Consulting
— Richa Arora, Vice President, Cogito Consulting

Here are a few principles to consider when designing your corporate logo and establishing your brand identity.

1. Make sure your firm's stakeholders are on the same page when it comes to initiating a logo redesign and brand development. If you have partners, get their buy in on a change.  This initiative has got to come from the top of the company food chain. If the commitment to revitalize your image is moderate, the process will fail. Only work with a designer who has a plan and a disciplined process in place that is easy to understand.

2. Establish goals and an endpoint. Why are you doing this? How will this design change make things different at the end of the process? Make sure you put in place guidelines to make communication and consistency easier for employees and customers. Clearly articulate who you are, and what your firm stands for. Remember to get numerous versions of your logo. They may need to be used on items as large as a billboard and as small as a website favicon. Have the right files enables your advertising both online and offline to remain consistent. Remember to plan on an update to your corporate letterhead and business cards so that they reflect your new identity. 

3. Establish responsibilities for all tasks. Understand that any re-branding or logo development initiative will require staff time, not just cash. It’s a collaborative process, but make sure to designate a person as a direct contact and decision maker. Make sure to appoint a marketing professional that has a “make it happen” attitude and superior organizational skills. Take a look at our crowdsourced process. It has wo

4. Ensure that you have a clear, disciplined process and realistic expectations. Define your brand and what it stands for before any creative work begins. Ensure that the key decision makers are in agreement about your brand’s essence, competitive advantage, target market, and value proposition.

5. Stay focused on your customer's needs. The best brand decisions are customer centric. Cater to your client’s needs and experiences. See your brand through their eyes.

6. Commit to your team before your begin. Never bring in decision makers in the middle of the process. Key players should be involved from the beginning and throughout the entire process to ensure continuity. Bringing in team members late can create conflict over aesthetics and message!

7. Make sure you are determined and ready. You’ll need to invest time, capital and human resources to revitalize your brand. Commitment is a critical success factor!

8. Determine how you will measure success. Consider benchmarks and benefits like and a more efficient and cost-effective marketing toolkit and employee engagement. Communicate to your entire staff that it’s everyone’s job to protect and grow your brand.

9. Launch any changes internally first, and then extend it to key stakeholders. Clearly communicate why you made the changes and what they mean going forward. Consider all of the ways you will use your logo as you plan your wider launch. Make your vendors have access to your new guidelines to ensure continuity and consistency of your message. Access can be provided with a simple website page where the logo and colors you use can be downloaded.

10. Demonstrate value don’t simply declare why your customers choose you over the competition. Communicate your company’s value at every opportunity and establish brand differentiation to make yours stand out. Identify where you can build trust, attract new customers, create buzz and inspire loyalty.

The Importance Of A Quality Logo Design

These objectives will help to define your brand, give it meaning, and establish your company as a dominant force in your industry. Following these guidelines will ensure your logo accurately represents your corporate vision, personality, and business regardless of individual aesthetic preferences.

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