Encouraging Home Improvement Buyers To Make Online Appointments

Website software for scheduling online appointments

Website software for scheduling online appointments

Online Appointments Save You Time and Lead To New Clients

Acuity Scheduling or Calendly on Your Squarespace Website

Are you still using a paper appointment book? Do clients and prospects have to reach you by phone, text, or email to schedule a meeting? If so, your client appointment process is probably not as efficient as it could be. If you're a design build remodeler, architect or interior designer a web based scheduling software for online appointments can save you the frustration of multiple back and forth emails and will help ensure that meetings are not forgotten. It can also prevent you from missing out on encouraging contact from new home improvement leads and hurting your organization’s overall growth. It may be time to consider online appointment scheduling.

Software for Scheduling Online Appointments

Home improvement services organizations of all stripes can take advantage of online appointments. Using a website scheduling tool is easy to implement. If you use Squarespace as your website platform, you have the option of using the Acuity Scheduling block. It takes minutes to install and it seamlessly integrates with your website. Click here to learn more about adding Acuity Scheduling to a Squarespace website.  Calendly is another scheduling tool for online appointments that is easy to use. A quick online search will provide you dozens of options.  A website-based tool that helps home improvement buyers make online appointments streamlines the entire scheduling process and benefits your business’ bottom line. Here’s how.

Centralized Scheduling System

If you work with other talent and/or subcontractors, centralized scheduling eliminates the need for multiple phone calls to check availability. One centralized real-time scheduling location saves money and time, with each person immediately notified when an appointment is set.

More Staff Time

When you reduce manual tasks, you and your staff are freed to do what really matters: service your customers and clients. Clients receive a higher level of attention and care, making them feel they are truly being taken care of which, in turn, increases the chances for repeat business and referrals.

24/7 Availability

With traditional booking methods, clients must call in during open hours to find out your availability. A website-based scheduling solution lets customers see when you are available without having to call you first. They can access the system any time of the day or night and you receive instant notification. A bonus: online booking also lets you block out unavailable times from wherever you are.

Reduced No-Shows

No-shows can waste your time and result in loss of revenue. Research suggests that one of the most common reasons for no-shows is forgetting appointments. Online scheduling software sends automatic reminders to customers and clients through email and/or text messaging. This dramatically reduces missed appointments that cost your business money.

Marketing Tool

Online booking systems can also act as an effective marketing tool. Synced with e-marketing services, stored emails can be used for sending targeted messages, including special offers.

The Number One Reason for Online Appointments

There’s no better reason for encouraging online bookings than that it’s what people want, particularly younger demographics. By targeting this demographic, your home improvement business can leverage their preference to attract this emerging age group.

No matter what type of home improvement service you offer, keeping your calendar full is paramount to your success. Online scheduling should be viewed as a major component of your company’s retention and acquisition strategy. Technological advances will continue to make the process easier for clients and customers. And they’ll provide an efficient practical, and profitable solution for professional services businesses who want to better manage customer, prospect, and vendor communications. 

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