Advertising On Houzz Pro+ Puts You In Front of Qualified Leads

Advertising On Houzz Pro+

One of the biggest challenges when designing any marketing campaign is determining where to place your advertising in order to reach your target persona. Most advertising can produce leads but at what cost and is it trackable? To find qualified leads, you fish where the fish are and Houzz is where they are.

A qualified lead is much more than contact information.  It contains information on the person or company that pre-qualifies them for the product or service your company is selling. Building a list of leads allows you to implement a content marketing strategy that will keep you top-of-mind when they are ready to engage your services.

Qualifying questions can include:

  • Do they have a big enough budget to afford your product or service?

  • Do they have the authority to make the purchase?

  • Do they have a need that your product or service can fill?

  • When do they need it? Do they have a purchasing timeframe?

Gathering these answers in the lead generation stage can accelerate the purchase cycle and allows you to prioritize your follow-up efforts.

If your product or service is related to homeownership, whether it be design, repairs, or renovation, advertising on Houzz is the way to reach homeowners.

Use Houzz To Reach Your Target Market

Houzz is one of the most populated home improvement sites. Users regularly come to Houzz seeking answers to their questions. If these are the people who you're looking to interact with (and if you're a smart built environment professional, you are) Houzz is your target market incarnate.

With over 300 million monthly page views by 46 million homeowners. A full seventy-four percent of Houzz readers fall into the prime demographic 25-54-year-old age group. That's a lot of people ready and able to buy.

Effective Branding With Houzz Pro+

Designer professionals and homeowners view Houzz daily to develop ideas and gather information for their projects. They understand that it’s a prime resource for information. These designers and homeowners are already far into the purchase cycle. This engagement is what makes Houzz an excellent resource for generating qualified leads.

Advertising on Houzz Pro+ is a perfect supplement to your existing brand presence on the site. Houzz allows you to build a complete and compelling profile for your company and brand, and offers some great features as well.

  • You can upload high-quality pictures of your products as well as tableaux shots that feature your items in a real-world setting.

  • Product tagging is a way to redirect traffic from Houzz back to your website where viewers can find more information about your company and the products and services offered.

  • By creating “projects” you can organize and classify your photos allowing for easily searchable images.

  • The Ideabooks feature allows you to draw from other sources on Houzz, not just your own photos. You can draw from other users' photos that feature your products to show how designers have adapted your items to work in their designs. You can also arrange items by color, products or setting and even create gift guides.

If your business is in any way related to home-related products or services, Houzz is a natural fit. Advertising on Houzz is an excellent way to enhance your profile’s effectiveness on the site and give viewers a way to learn more about your company’s history, products, and services. If you’re in the business of home-related products or services starting your advertising research on Houzz is a smart business decision!

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