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Quill Engage is easy to use website analytics delivered to your inbox.

Quill Engage is easy to use website analytics delivered to your inbox.

As content marketing has developed, one of the biggest benefits has been the ability to collect and track a myriad of data points about your customers and website visitors trough website analytics. 

Website analytics can help you manage and track the effectiveness of your content development and inbound marketing strategy. From knowing unique website visitors to understanding what content your visitors are engaging with, analyzing this SEO and analytical data gives you the ability to refine your what works at attracting better clients and it helps your landscape design business grow and remain competitive. 

As an expert in landscape design, you may not have the time, patience or expertise for website data analysis. Until recently, tracking, managing and analyzing these website data points was a time consuming manual process. To determine the effectiveness of your inbound or content marketing efforts you need to analyze and understand key metrics to adjust your marketing approach accordingly. 

Most analytics tools today require time and expertise to navigate, analyze and interpret data. Quill Engage is s powerful free analytics tool that brings in-depth data analysis to every business.

What Is Quill Engage and Why Do I need Another Website, Analytics Tool?

Quill Engage uses data gathered by Google Analytics and is powered by Narrative Science's advanced language generation platform. The app works by extracting data from Analytics and then generating insightful reports for your landscape design firm's website in plain-English. The report highlights the most important and interesting insights of your website's performance.

Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.
— William Pollard, Physicist

Engage then delivers these reports directly to your inbox weekly and monthly. Engage can also be set-up to provide customized reports directly to your client's inbox every Monday. Reports can be customized and personalized using branding elements from your company, agency, or client. Reports can be exported to other programs like Google Docs for further development and customization.

Weekly reports provide an overview including any weekly changes as well as year-over-year analysis. The reports include in-depth analysis of the major performance metrics including site traffic, traffic sources, goals, conversions, AdWords, individual page performance, audience segments and referrals. Reports also contain some segmentation data based on location and mobile use.

The Benefits of Quill Engage For Your Landscape Design Firm

Quill's free option allows you receive information on a single website sent to one email address. There are upgraded subscription options that offer enhanced services and features. The beginning subscription cost is $19.99 a month, and it expands the number of websites and contacts as well as offering enhanced features. All levels of Quill Engage offer tremendous benefits including:

• Realize The Full Value Of Your Website Data

Quill Engage is fast and efficient, integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and prepares and delivers reports in plain-English, highlighting the data that is most relevant to your landscape design business.

• Enhance Staff Productivity

Well organized easy to read reports mean no more time spent poring over data and preparing data analysis reports for clients or management. That means your team can shift their focus to important core tasks like growing your business!

• Make Better Decisions With  Information At Your  Fingertips!

Quill Engage reports enable you to make better, more informed decisions about your website, content, and marketing by providing in-depth analysis of key metrics including session and page views, bounce rate, referral traffic, events, eCommerce, AdWords performance and much more.

Your time should be spent growing your business, not compiling and deciphering your website's analytical data. Quill Engage offers a free option that is fully functional and will give you a good idea of the depth of the application. Like many other “freemium” apps, advanced featured and expanded reporting is available with a monthly subscription. Quill Engage is a great tool that will improve your inbound marketing efforts, save you time, and allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your landscape design firm's online marketing!

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